“Unlock the Musical Mysteries with Spotify’s Innovative ‘Song Psychic’ – A Magical Fortune-Teller for Your Soul”

Spotify is rolling out a new feature called Song Psychic that will allow its customers to ask Spotify questions and get answers in the form of music. The addition builds on the success of Spotify’s personalized, year-end review called Wrapped, which offers clever ways of turning Spotify’s music data into insights designed for social sharing. But in the case of Song Psychic, the goal is not to look back and your listening history, but to leverage Spotify’s understanding of music and song titles to answer a range of personal questions — like those you might ask a psychic or Magic 8-Ball just for fun. Just as a Magic 8-Ball sometimes refuses to answer a question with its “Ask Again Later” response, Spotify’s Song Psychic may respond with an answer of its own, like “Why?” instead of directly responding. Song Psychic is available to Spotify’s free and Premium subscribers in 64 markets and in 21 languages, the company says.

Spotify is introducing a new feature called Song Psychic, a unique tool that combines music and insights in a fun and personalized way. Similar to the popular year-end review Wrapped, Song Psychic uses Spotify’s vast knowledge of music and song titles to answer a wide range of personal questions.

To access Song Psychic, simply visit spotify.com/songpsychic on your mobile device or scan the QR code on the Song Psychic website.

Once you enter the experience, you can choose from various categories including School, Friends and Family, Love, Career, Life’s Greatest Mysteries, My Future, Myself, Style, and Lunch (for those indecisive lunch decisions!).

Each category offers a variety of pre-populated questions, such as “Am I the drama?,” “Does my crush like me back?,” “Will I get a raise?,” and “Should I go to prom?” You can also type in your own question to receive suggestions of others you could ask.

After entering your question, the “Song Psychic” prompts you to press your finger on the screen, as mystical music plays in the background. Colors swirl around before your answer is unveiled in the form of a song.

For example, if you ask if your crush likes you back, the Song Psychic may respond with a song titled “You Wish” or something more affirmative. Some of the answers may be vague, similar to a Magic 8-Ball’s response of “Ask Again Later” or offering a timeframe like “Eventually” (a song by Tame Impala). However, all answers are in the form of musical tracks.

You don’t actually need to press your finger on the screen to receive your response, but the feature adds to the fun. You can also easily share your answer by tapping on a button below the screen, which brings up a sharing sheet for popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and more.

While Spotify doesn’t market the experience as AI-powered, it gives the sensation of asking an all-knowing chatbot a question. The company explains that it works by matching specific keywords in song titles and questions. However, on its FAQ page, Spotify clarifies that the answers are randomly generated and not based on personal data.

The experience is designed for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered a serious source of advice on any issue whatsoever. These disclaimers were most likely added by a lawyer’s request.

Although the app can lag at times and the back button may not work, the Song Psychic experience is sure to increase time spent in the Spotify mobile app if it were more widely promoted. However, the feature isn’t easily accessible within the app, so users must continuously return to the website to access it.

Song Psychic is currently available in 64 markets and 21 languages for both free and Premium Spotify subscribers.

According to the company, Song Psychic is one of several initiatives designed to celebrate the spirit of Wrapped year-round. Already, Spotify has launched surprise and interactive experiences for fans and artists alike, including “Playlist in a Bottle” for New Years and “My Top Five” artist experiences featuring Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, ROSALÍA, BTS, and Taylor Swift.

Updated on 2/29/24, 12:54 PM ET with additional details.

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