“Effortlessly Declutter your iPhone with MacPaw’s Latest Photo Management App”

MacPaw, which makes Mac and iOS apps, has released a new iPhone app called CleanMyPhone, which helps users free up storage by removing duplicate photos and cleaning up other unwanted images. Declutter detects and scans your photos to find duplicates, screenshots, screen recordings, TikTok videos, app folders and blurred images. That’s why you might want to have a look at some of the grouped photos before cleaning them. In the Uniques category, you might find some images that you can delete. If you don’t want the app to scan certain images, you can mark them as sensitive.

Welcome to the World of CleanMyPhone by MacPaw

MacPaw has recently made waves in the world of technology with its innovative Mac and iOS apps. Now, the company has introduced their latest creation – a powerful iPhone app called CleanMyPhone. This app aims to help users free up valuable storage space by managing duplicate photos and organizing unwanted images.

The CleanMyPhone app is divided into three main tabs: declutter, organize, and network. Let’s explore these tabs in more detail and see how the app can revolutionize the way we manage our photos.

  • Declutter:

One of the standout features of CleanMyPhone is its ability to declutter your photo library. The app thoroughly scans and detects duplicates, screenshots, screen recordings, TikTok videos, app folders, and even blurry images. By default, all photos are selected for cleaning with just one tap. However, users have the option to manually unselect certain images if desired.

  • Organize:

CleanMyPhone also offers advanced organization capabilities. With the ability to scan photos from the last seven days, the last 30 days, or a custom range, users can easily categorize their images. The app then presents categories such as pets, travel, portraits, food, and more. Users can even create new folders for better management.

But the real game-changer here is the “Similars” and “Uniques” options within categories. “Similars” groups together photos that are almost identical, allowing users to delete one of them for more space. Interestingly, even photos with different filters or styles can be grouped together. On the other hand, “Uniques” presents a selection of images that may no longer be needed.

To further customize the organization process, users can mark certain photos as “sensitive” to be excluded from future scans.

  • Network:

As an added bonus, CleanMyPhone also offers a network speed test. While it may seem out of place in an app focused on photo management, the company claims it provides comprehensive utility – similar to their Mac application CleanMyMac.

While the free version of CleanMyPhone offers a range of useful features, there are certain limitations. This includes access to only the “Other” category for organization and the inability to mark content as “sensitive.” However, for a small annual fee of $24.99, users can unlock these features. MacPaw is also aiming to release a one-time fee option later this year.

In addition to their innovative apps, MacPaw has been in the spotlight for its adoption of Apple’s DMA rule changes. The company has also announced plans to release a Setapp app store on iOS, becoming one of the first companies to do so.

With CleanMyPhone, MacPaw continues to push the boundaries of technology, offering users a comprehensive and efficient solution to managing their photo libraries. So why not give it a try and see the results for yourself!

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