“Experience the Outdoors with Rivian’s Innovative Rooftop Tent Equipped with a Movie Projector”

Rivian has a little cinematic surprise tucked in its new “treehouse” rooftop tent, one of the many accessories the automaker plans to sell alongside its next-generation R2 SUV and future R3 EVs. The rooftop tent, which Rivian calls the treehouse, is equipped with a movie projector, which is run using power from the Rivian, Brian Gase, Rivian’s senior director of prototype and special projects, told TechCrunch during a customer event in Laguna Beach, California. The customer event was held Thursday evening, several hours after Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe unveiled the all-electric R2 SUV and the sporty R3 and R3x hatchback vehicles. The treehouse, as Rivian has branded it, is different from the white-labeled Yakima tent designed for its flagship R1T truck. This new treehouse product is contained in a hardshell, which then opens up into a large rooftop tent.

Rivian, the innovative automaker known for its electric vehicles, has recently unveiled a unique new accessory for its R2 SUV and future R3 EVs. This accessory, dubbed the “treehouse” rooftop tent, comes with a little surprise – a built-in movie projector.

During a customer event in Laguna Beach, California, Brian Gase, Rivian’s senior director of prototype and special projects, shared that the movie projector is powered using energy from the Rivian itself. The event took place after CEO RJ Scaringe’s official reveal of the R2 SUV, as well as the R3 and R3x hatchback vehicles, all of which are fully electric.

The treehouse, as Rivian has aptly named it, is different from the Yakima tent that comes with its flagship R1T truck. This new treehouse product features a hardshell design that opens up into a spacious rooftop tent. A large window with a roll down screen is located on the opposite side of the opening, and the projector can be easily connected to a power source within the vehicle. The treehouse also includes an interior fan and lighting for added comfort and convenience.

Gase notes that the design of the treehouse will remain largely unchanged once it is available for sale. Currently, the focus is on maintaining excellent quality without driving up costs too much.

“It’s all about the cost,” Gase explains. “You could look at it and think, ‘that’s awesome’, but then you’re essentially adding an expensive tent to a product that we’re trying to make more affordable,” referencing the R2’s anticipated starting price of $45,000.

The treehouse-with-a-built-in-movie-theater is only one of several adventure-ready accessories unveiled by Rivian on Thursday alongside their next generation of smaller, more affordable EVs. A cargo box designed to mount to the vehicle’s hitch was shown, as well as a new travel kitchen complete with a water tank, cooler, and cookware set.

The first of the newly announced vehicles is the R2, a midsized SUV with seating for five and an impressive range of over 300 miles. This model is expected to have a base price of $45,000. In a surprising move, Scaringe also revealed the R3 and R3x models, a compact hatchback EV with a sportier aesthetic. No timeline has been given for the production of the R3 vehicles.

The R2, which will now be manufactured at Rivian’s existing factory in Normal, Illinois, is projected to begin production in the first half of 2024. By shifting production of the R2 from the planned Georgia facility to their current location, the company expects to save approximately $2.25 billion.

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