Rivian’s Inauspicious Beginning to a Challenging Year

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Rivian has a challenging year ahead — and the first quarter is off to a tepid start. Both of those figures are down from the fourth quarter of 2023, where it built 17,541 and shipped 13,972. Rivian did signal that it plans to make roughly the same number of EVs as it did in 2023. Producing and selling vehicles, which includes the R1S SUV, R1T pickup and two versions of a commercial electric van, has never been the company’s only challenge. Tesla reported its own very weak first quarter sales on Tuesday.

Rivian Launches New Adapters for Accessing Tesla’s Supercharger Network

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Ford was the first to start offering the so-called North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapters last month for free. Most automakers have announced that future EVs will incorporate Tesla’s charging tech into future vehicles. Rivian’s next-generation vehicles, which it just revealed earlier this month, will also include the Tesla charging port. Making Tesla’s Supercharger network accessible to owners means they now have 15,000 new fast chargers where they can plug in. Rivian has also been building out its own network of fast-charging stations, which it calls the Rivian Adventure Network.

Exploring the Possibilities: How Rivian and Telo’s Compact EV Models Could Revive the Electric Vehicle Industry

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The great EV boom is fading a bit, but that’s not a concern if you take a long-enough view. Sure, Tesla expects slower growth for its car sales this year, and there are some indications that other companies are trimming their electric car plans, but there’s also reason to be optimistic. If you take a look at some upcoming EVs, you may notice that the don’t look precisely like the current, bestselling gas-powered cars out there. I reckon that that is for the best — when you swap power sources, you can shake up the rest of a vehicles design, right? So two cheers for Rivian’s R3 and what Telo is cooking up, because their plans have me hype.

“Experience the Outdoors with Rivian’s Innovative Rooftop Tent Equipped with a Movie Projector”

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Rivian has a little cinematic surprise tucked in its new “treehouse” rooftop tent, one of the many accessories the automaker plans to sell alongside its next-generation R2 SUV and future R3 EVs. The rooftop tent, which Rivian calls the treehouse, is equipped with a movie projector, which is run using power from the Rivian, Brian Gase, Rivian’s senior director of prototype and special projects, told TechCrunch during a customer event in Laguna Beach, California. The customer event was held Thursday evening, several hours after Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe unveiled the all-electric R2 SUV and the sporty R3 and R3x hatchback vehicles. The treehouse, as Rivian has branded it, is different from the white-labeled Yakima tent designed for its flagship R1T truck. This new treehouse product is contained in a hardshell, which then opens up into a large rooftop tent.

Rivian’s R2 SUV Amasses Over 68,000 Reservations Within 24 Hours of Unveiling

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The Rivian R2, an all-electric sport utility vehicle that’s smaller and more affordable than the automaker’s flagship SUV, appears to be a hit with potential customers. At least, if the number of reservations for the R2 is any guide. Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe posted Friday on Instagram that the company had received more than 68,000 R2 reservations less than 24 hours since the vehicle was revealed at an event in Laguna Beach, California. The R2 is a five-seat, all-electric midsized SUV that will have more than 300 miles of range and a base price of $45,000. Rivian also revealed Thursday the R3 and the R3x, all-electric hatchback vehicles with sporty Honda e vibes.

Unveiling the Adorably Stylish R3 Hatchback by Unexpected Rivian

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Rivian just surprise-announced an all-electric hatchback called the R3 — giving the company a big Apple-esque “one more thing” announcement at the event that was ostensibly supposed to be all about its new R2 SUV. And it represents an entirely new market for Rivian to try and play in of smaller EVs — crucially, one that Tesla currently dominates. While we knew Rivian was working on an “R3,” I’m not sure many people expected it to look quite like this. Unfortunately, the company didn’t immediately share… any real details whatsoever about when the R3 will be available, or how much it will cost. The R3 is a near-term fix for that, apparently, as Rivian’s stock price soared after the surprise reveal.

Rivian Unveils $45,000 R2 SUV: The Ultimate Investment

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The occasion was the unveiling of the Rivian R2, a smaller and more affordable all-electric SUV, and a vital vehicle for the EV upstart hoping to show the world it’s here to stay. The air was filled with conversations about their Rivian vehicles, exclamations and congratulations, hugs and handshakes, and discussions of their hopes for the R2. When the Rivian R2 did arrive — it did not come alone. The R2, a two-row all-electric SUV that will have an estimated range of 300 miles and a base price of $45,000, was the main event. Today, Rivian produces four vehicles at its sole factory in Normal, Illinois: its two consumer vehicles, the R1T truck and R1S SUV, and two versions of its commercial van.

“Stellantis Chief Executive Spills Secrets on Waymo, Rivian Layoffs, and the Ongoing Decline of EV Enthusiasm”

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TechCrunch Mobility is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click TechCrunch Mobility — to receive the newsletter every weekend in your inbox. Welcome back to TechCrunch Mobility — your central hub for news and insights on the future of transportation. Of course, as he talked, I wondered if this was wishful thinking or an attempt to show the company was still part of the autonomous vehicle conversation? Robotic Research Autonomous Industries (RRAI), an autonomous vehicle company with a history of working with the Department of Defense, changed its name to Forterra.

“Latest Updates: Google Debuts Fresh Open LLMs, Rivian Enacts Employee Cutbacks, and Signal Introduces Usernames”

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Google releases new open LLMs, Rivian lays off staff and Signal rolls out usernamesWelcome, folks, to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter covering noteworthy happenings in the tech industry. This week, Google launched two new open large language models, Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, in its continued bid for generative AI dominance. The company, which describes the LLMs as “inspired by Gemini,” its flagship family of GenAI models, made each available for commercial and research usage. Change Healthcare hit: Change Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare tech companies in the U.S., confirmed that a cyberattack on its systems occurred recently. YouTube triumphant: YouTube dominates TV streaming in the U.S., per Nielsen’s latest report.

“Rivian Implements Workforce Reduction Amid Increasing Pressure on EV Pricing”

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This is the third round of layoffs for the EV company since July 2022 when Rivian cut 6% of its workforce. On a full-year basis, Rivian reported revenue of $4.4 billion, up from $1.66 billion in 2022. It brought in about $39 million in the fourth quarter and $73 million for the full year from the sale of regulatory credits. On an adjusted basis, it reported a loss of $1.1 billion compared to a $1.5 billion loss in the same year-ago period. “We took significant steps towards driving greater efficiency in 2023 gross profit per vehicle improved by approximately $81,000 when comparing the fourth quarter of 2023 to the fourth quarter 2022,” Scaringe said on an earnings call Wednesday.