Unveiling the Adorably Stylish R3 Hatchback by Unexpected Rivian

Rivian just surprise-announced an all-electric hatchback called the R3 — giving the company a big Apple-esque “one more thing” announcement at the event that was ostensibly supposed to be all about its new R2 SUV. And it represents an entirely new market for Rivian to try and play in of smaller EVs — crucially, one that Tesla currently dominates. While we knew Rivian was working on an “R3,” I’m not sure many people expected it to look quite like this. Unfortunately, the company didn’t immediately share… any real details whatsoever about when the R3 will be available, or how much it will cost. The R3 is a near-term fix for that, apparently, as Rivian’s stock price soared after the surprise reveal.

Rivian has surprised the automotive world with the announcement of a new all-electric hatchback, the R3. The unveiling took place at an event that was primarily focused on the release of the company’s R2 SUV, reminiscent of Apple’s famous “one more thing” reveal tactic.

The R3’s design bears striking similarities to the Honda E, an electric hatchback that garnered the attention of potential EV buyers a few years back. It also draws inspiration from boxier models like the Volkswagen Golfs.

For Rivian, this marks a significant step into the market of smaller electric vehicles, an area currently dominated by Tesla. Though the existence of an “R3” model was previously known, the actual design was a surprise to many.

However, specific details such as availability and price have not yet been shared by the company.

CEO RJ Scaringe hinted at a production timeline of several years during the event, as the R3 will be manufactured at Rivian’s new factory in Georgia, which is still under construction.

The R3 will have a slightly shorter wheelbase than the R2, measuring at 2800mm compared to the R2’s 2935mm. Additionally, a sportier and more colorful R3X variant will be available. It will be built on the same platform as the R2, though the company acknowledges the potential for confusion in the naming system. However, unlike the R2, preorders for the R3 are not currently being accepted as there is not yet a designated section on Rivian’s website.

The announcement of the R3 has provided a much-needed boost for the company, as they are projected to produce the same number of vehicles this year as they did in 2023, causing concern among investors. The reveal of the R3 at the event sparked a rise in Rivian’s stock price.

While many questions still remain regarding pricing, range, and whether the showcase at the event featured a fully functioning prototype, it is encouraging to see that a company known for its heavy-duty pickups and SUVs is now expanding its reach into more approachable and potentially more affordable options.

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