. New and Improved: Transform Your Food Scraps into Poultry Meal with Mill’s Innovative Bin by Daybreak

Mill Food Waste Bin Updated
Mill, a food waste startup, is releasing an entirely new design of its bin that grinds and dries scraps, turning it into compost-like grounds that can feed plants and chickens alike. Now, the heating elements surround the entire bin and the fan blows hot air through the food waste as it’s being processed. That program continues nationwide, and a standards body recently certified Mill’s feed product, which should help the startup speed adoption among interested farmers. “We’ve actually closed the loop in Phoenix,” Rogers said. Mill may have already diverted 1 million pounds of food waste from landfills (and the associated greenhouse gasses), but it’s not enough for him.

Breaking News: Photoroom, the Revolutionary AI Image Editor, Secures $43M Investment at $500M Valuation

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At the time, it looked like it would be more than $50 million; in the end it ended up a little lower. This latest round brings the total raised by the company, which was founded about four years ago, to $64 million. Photoroom plans to use the funding to hire more people and to continue investing in its R&D and infrastructure. Other features it offers includes AI-generated backgrounds, scene expansions, AI-generated images, and a plethora of image editing tools. “Photoroom’s generative AI capabilities are unparalleled, and we have no doubt that they will continue to lead the way in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

Discover Your Blackness: The Ultimate Quiz to Measure Yourself Against ChatGPT

Mckinney Quiz Are You Blacker Than Chat Gpt
Creative ad agency McKinney developed a quiz game called “Are You Blacker than ChatGPT?” to shine a light on AI bias. The game tests a person’s knowledge of Black culture against what ChatGPT has been trained to know about the Black community. Woods said the idea for the quiz came last year during a creative brainstorm at McKinney. Woods said it doesn’t seem like ChatGPT is learning from the quiz, either, based on the fact that it keeps getting the same answers wrong in many cases. Carter said that ChatGPT could work better for more cultures with better sourcing and having more inclusive data collection.

Inngest Secures $6.1M in Funds for Workflow Engine Expansion

Inngest Team Sept 2023
As Inngest founders Tony Holdstock-Brown (CEO) and Dan Farrelly (CTO) told me, the team added new flow control features, for example, which now make it easier to manage concurrency down to the user level. Inngest will handle the queues and database state for these functions and the developers don’t have to do anything special to make that work. Combining that with the new flow control features, Inngest argues, is unlocking a lot of new capabilities for users. “The durability and the reliability, which we have, combined with the flow control aspect allows you to build into this reliability layer. The Inngest team also expanded its language support from only offering a TypeScript SDK to also offering Python and Go SDKs — and users can migrate between them as needed without having to shut down their functions.

Wasn’t layoff season supposed to be over?

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Welcome to Startups Weekly — your weekly recap of everything you can’t miss from the world of startups. Get help and not hype from leading founders, investors, entrepreneurs and startup experts sharing hard-won info that every founder needs to know. Most interesting startup stories this weekIt’s been a decade since Aileen Lee coined the term “unicorn” in a TechCrunch article to describe a startup valued at more than $1 billion. If you’re only reading two things on TechCrunch this week, make it Startups Weekly — and Lee’s article. Who knows, but that doesn’t stop a bunch of really interesting startups from raising absolutely buckets of cash.

Forta Secures $55M Investment to Promote Autism Care for Parents

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In a world where healthcare access is disproportionately skewed by geography and income, Forta Health raised a substantial round of funding to level the playing field a bit. Forta defends its approach, saying it differs in some substantial ways from the ABA approaches from the bad old days. Those are now very passé,” explains Christian Smith, co-founder and CMO at Forta Health, in an interview with TechCrunch. Forta Health wants to ensure that those parents have professional support and training to be able to give higher-quality care. Forta Health is exploring how to enhance family caregiving with technology, especially for chronic conditions and areas where the health system falls short.

industry “Insights Revealed: The Future of Home Robot Industry Unveiled at CES 2024”

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Remember that robot chef Samsung “debuted” at CES 2020? At least the “return” of Ballie demonstrated that Samsung hasn’t lost interest in the home robot. So why — after 20+ years — do we have little more to show for it than a bunch of robot vacuums? Instead, conservatively tens of millions of dollars go into R&D across countless companies aimed at building a better robot vacuum. Matic is — for most intents and purposes — yet another robot vacuum looking to make a name in a very crowded space.

“Siri’s Intelligence Must Rapidly Improve: Urgent Upgrade Needed”

Voice Assistants
Siri needs to get a lot smarter, and quickly Apple's voice assistant is being left in the dust by its competitorsHello from CES in Las Vegas! During that trip, I used Siri more than I have in a long time — and it was an absolutely dreadful experience. It’s mostly okay, but this journey drove it home for me: Apple is falling significantly behind in the voice assistant race. Siri was one of the first voice assistants to be available on smartphones. Google’s voice assistant has its stuff buttoned up tight, too.

Unveiling Sony’s Latest “Digital Onboarding Credential” for Imaging Technology Resembles NFT Technology Greatly

Sony Digital Birth Certificate Large
Sony is breaking new ground in the ongoing NFTs and content authenticity saga. While it might not strictly be termed an NFT, it resembles the core concept of these non-fungible tokens. We’re collaborating with the Associated Press and other industry leaders to create a digital birth certificate for images shot on our cameras. The technology, designed to be integrated into the camera’s hardware – starting with the new Alpha 9 Mark III camera, generates a machine-based digital signature when an image is captured. So, while Sony hasn’t literally launched an in-camera NFT, they’ve certainly created a system that mirrors the core functionality of an NFT – proving ownership and authenticity in the digital space.

“Revolutionizing Banking: Hyperplane’s Mission to Implement AI”

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The general idea here is to help banks use their first-party data to build personalized experiences by predicting user behavior. The company is already working with about a dozen banks in Brazil and has not set its sights on expanding to the U.S. as well. And while Hyperplane is currently solely focused on the world of banking, over time, the team plans to bring its technology to other verticals, too. At its core, Hyperplane provides these banks with the APIs to build these personalization models on the fly. “The Hyperplane Cloud can scale across markets with little effort, and we”ll soon announce our first partnerships in the U.S.”