“The Chief of Bumble shares her vital objective: to add some sizzle to the organization”

Bumble’s new CEO talks about her critical mission: to spice things up at the company Tis the season for turnaround CEOsSince Bumble’s blockbuster IPO at the height of the pandemic, investors’ ardor with the dating service has cooled. Part of it ties to AI, which Bumble’s rivals are also leaning into more heavily. But as we approach our 10-year anniversary, it’s a great moment to think about how we best serve our mission. Historically, what we’ve seen is that a lot of men will come to Bumble who believe in women being empowered. Bumble has always been great at community-based marketing: hosting events and finding ambassadors who really want to represent the brand.

Spicing Things Up: A New CEO at Bumble Aims to Revitalize the Company’s Mission

Tis the season for turnaround CEOs, and new Bumble CEO Lidiane Jones is on a critical mission to revamp the company’s image. Following their blockbuster IPO during the pandemic, Bumble’s success has cooled, with shares trading far lower than their initial offering price. But Jones, who took the reins in January, is determined to turn the tide and bring excitement back to the dating app.

Speaking over the din of lunchtime diners at a San Francisco restaurant, Jones shared her game plan for revitalizing Bumble. It’s a challenging task, as evidenced by the many CEOs trying to rescue post-pandemic companies in various industries. But with a background in turnaround leadership, Jones is up for the challenge.

Part of her strategy involves using AI to enhance the user experience, a tactic already being utilized by Bumble’s competitors. But Jones’s vision also includes prioritizing “margin expansion” and, most importantly, restoring joy to the Bumble experience. In a recent interview, Jones elaborated on her plans and her thoughts on the future of the company.

Onboarding During a Pandemic

Jones’s start at Bumble came with some unique challenges, including the need to lay off 30% of the company’s 1,200 employees. However, she credits Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd for her supportive onboarding and involvement in Jones’s learning process. Jones believes that a thorough transformation, done thoughtfully, is key to success. She aims to avoid lengthy processes that would further disrupt the company in an already tumultuous time.

Re-launching the Bumble App

Perhaps the most exciting news for Bumble users is the upcoming relaunch of the app in the second quarter of 2021. Jones reveals that the company is considering a major change: whether or not to continue requiring women to make the first move. While Bumble’s focus on women’s empowerment will remain unchanged, Jones sees an opportunity for growth by giving women more control and flexibility in how they initiate conversations.

There has been some feedback that Bumble’s approach has led to a more passive male user base, but Jones believes the ultimate goal is to ensure a great experience for all users. Another focus is on security, with Jones highlighting the importance of data safety and AI in protecting user privacy.

Advocating for Safe Connections

Bumble has a reputation for promoting policies that prioritize women’s safety, and Jones wants to continue leading the way in this area. While the company already conducts physical verification of users to prevent bots and scams, Jones is exploring the addition of criminal background checks. She believes this would be a necessary expansion of their safety measures.

With AI technology, Bumble has the ability to further safeguard user behavior and values. As Jones notes, “it’s only as good and as safe as a company’s data and safety practices.” Bumble is committed to not only developing innovative technology but also advocating for policies that promote online safety.

Looking Ahead

In addition to the new app, Bumble has plans to expand its friendship capabilities, recognizing that their platform can serve as a way for people to form connections beyond dating. Jones acknowledges the potential for growth in this area, particularly as people are eager to reconnect in person after the pandemic. She also hints at the possibility of spinning off their “Bumble for Friends” feature as a standalone entity, but states that they are still gathering feedback and exploring potential options.

Reigniting Bumble’s Fire

Ultimately, Jones’s goal as CEO is to make dating fun again for Bumble users. As the company approaches its 10-year anniversary, she sees it as a prime opportunity to assess how they can best serve their mission for the next decade. While user fatigue is a challenge, Jones believes that reigniting community-based marketing and expanding into new areas, such as hosting local and safe in-person events for friends, can help attract new users and keep Bumble’s existing community engaged.

With Jones at the helm, the future of Bumble looks bright, and users can look forward to a more exciting and joyful experience on the app. As the relaunch draws near, Bumble continues to advocate for safe and empowering connections, solidifying its position as a leader in the online dating world.

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