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In the last 12 months, reader apps have adopted AI to change how users consume news. However, developer Nate Parrott’s app Feeeed (it’s four Es), which is available for iPhones and iPads, focus more on creating an algorithmic timeline to combine different sources. The appJust like any reader app, Feeeed lets you add RSS feeds to your timeline. “The whole idea of a news feed for yourself, on your own terms is still key to understanding the app, I think. “The big challenge for Feeeed is giving people a feed that feels deeply personal without asking them to do too much work.

Over the past year, reader apps have undergone a transformation through the implementation of AI technology, revolutionizing the way users consume news. From Instagram co-founders’ now-defunct Artifact, with its AI-powered summaries and headlines, to newer apps like Bulletin and Particle from a former Twitter engineer, the trend is clear. However, developer Nate Parrott’s Feeeed (yes, that’s four Es) for iPhones and iPads goes beyond just AI integration, instead honing in on personalized content curation through an algorithmic timeline that combines various sources.

The App

Similar to any reader app, Feeeed allows you to add RSS feeds to your timeline. But it also offers a wide range of other options, such as access to newsletters, YouTube channels, Hacker News, subreddits, Mastodon profiles, Tumblr blogs, and Twitter accounts. In addition, you can integrate personal details like birthdays, local weather updates (U.S. only), step counts, photo flashbacks, personal reminders, and flashbacks. Perhaps the most unique feature is the ability to track a specific portion of a web page.

The home feed showcases a mix of posts from the sources you follow. By default, these posts appear in a card format and are not displayed in chronological order. Unlike other RSS readers, there is no read count to reach “Inbox Zero.” Instead, the focus is on discovering new content. But for those who prefer to stay on top of the latest posts, a “Latest” tab can be pinned to the bottom bar. Alternatively, users can change the feed ranking from “Best Variety” to “Chronological.”

The main feed remains empty until you start following sources from the “Subscribe” and “Explore” tabs. To aid in discovery, Parrott added occasional source suggestions, as well as an AI-powered bot to the app last year. The bot can make recommendations based on a query, such as “What are some blogs or newsletters that cover Football (Soccer)?”

Building Feeeed

In an email to TechCrunch, Parrott shared that the idea for Feeeed came to him during the pandemic when he constantly found himself mindlessly scrolling on his phone. He wanted to create something for himself that pulled from various sources and provided more meaningful content.

“The impulse to take out your phone and just flick is so strong. I’ve tried to quit various social media apps at various times, and it’s never worked, so I thought: why not just embrace the urge to scroll, and redirect it to something valuable? I wanted a news feed for myself, on my own terms,” he said.

The concept of a personalized news feed on the user’s own terms remains at the core of the app. You have control over what is important to you, and Feeeed serves as a reminder. You can choose the icon, tabs, algorithm, and layout.

Initially, Parrott did not include a recommendation engine, but after releasing the app in 2022, he discovered that content discovery was a top priority for users.

“I think the idea of a scrollable, infinite feed is a really powerful thing. It’s habit-forming. You can see that as a bad thing, or you can see it as a reality of our relationship with technology, and say, ‘Hey, if I’m gonna scroll a feed while I’m waiting for the train, then can it at least remind me that I should text my friend on their birthday?'” he said.

What’s Next?

While there is potential for AI-driven implementation in this space, Parrott does not want to simply use technology to deliver more news to users faster. Instead, he aims to explore ways to help users follow more sources, including podcasts, local news, and niche websites.

Currently, Feeeed is testing a feature that displays AI-generated daily updates. Additionally, Parrott is working on customizable feeds and notifications.

Looking ahead in the long term, he hopes to make personalized content discovery an effortless process for users.

“The biggest challenge for Feeeed is providing users with a feed that feels deeply personal without requiring them to put in a lot of work. Apple News is popular because there is no initial setup work required,” Parrott notes.

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