“TechCrunch Early Stage 2024: Exploring TAM with Felicis, Quotient AI, and Cellino”

We’re getting closer to this year’s Early Stage get-together in Boston, which means that it’s time to add three more names to our ever-expanding list of whip-smart speakers coming to present, and answer your most burning questions. Today, I’m stoked to announce that Felicis’s Tobi Coker, Quotient AI’s Julia Neagu, and Cellino’s Nabiha Saklayen will be on-site and ready to rock next month. Regular TechCrunch readers will recall that Cellino won our 2021 Battlefield event. How to calculate TAM is no small question, and it’s too big a topic to fit inside any single acronym. Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024?

We are drawing closer to this year’s eagerly anticipated Early Stage gathering in Boston. That means it’s time to introduce three remarkable individuals to our growing lineup of brilliant speakers, ready to share their knowledge and insights to answer your most pressing questions. It’s my pleasure to announce that Tobi Coker of Felicis, Julia Neagu of Quotient AI, and Nabiha Saklayen of Cellino will be joining us in person next month.

As regular readers of TechCrunch will know, Cellino was the winner of our esteemed 2021 Battlefield competition. Following their victory, they successfully secured an $80 million round of funding with participation from Felicis. Quotient is currently operating relatively hush-hush, but their website reveals they are working on “the first platform evaluating generative AI on your customers’ specific needs.”

With the addition of Coker, our lineup will feature two founders and one investor delving into the topic of the total addressable market, or TAM. This term is commonly used in the world of startups to describe the potential market size that a company can target. Calculating TAM is a significant question, one that cannot be contained by a single acronym. Other terms, such as SAM and SOM, are also crucial to consider. Be sure to bring your notebook, pens, and questions because this session will be one not to miss.

If you’re still not convinced of the importance of market sizing, just take a look at Turo’s latest IPO filing, which not only includes TAM but also explores the size of its service addressable market, or SAM, as it stands today.

Early-bird tickets are now available for purchase. Book yours by March 29th to save $200 before prices increase.

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