Introducing the Revolutionary Wheeled Humanoid by Reflex Robotics: Your Personal Snack Getter!

Agility’s Digit wasn’t the only humanoid holding court at Modex in Atlanta this week. On the opposite end of the Georgia World Congress Center, Reflex Robotics, a younger and smaller startup, was drawing its own crowd. Passersby requested something from the Reflex robot, and it spring into action, grabbing the item off the shelf (it didn’t hurt that the company was giving out free food and beverage). The system has a wheeled base, which is perfectly effective for navigating these kinds of layouts. He adds that the current timeline involves having 10 to 20 Reflex robots in the world, followed by “hundreds” next year.

At the annual Modex conference in Atlanta, the center stage was not just taken by Agility’s Digit, but a young and innovative startup called Reflex Robotics as well. Despite being smaller and newer, the company was drawing its own crowd at their booth on the other end of the Georgia World Congress Center. Passersby were captivated by a single demo that ran throughout the week, as they witnessed the Reflex robot in action, swiftly grabbing items from shelves and maneuvering through tight spaces. The company’s strategic decision to provide free food and beverages only added to the buzz surrounding their booth.

Upon closer inspection, it was evident that showgoers were impressed by the speed and accuracy of the system. The hardware, developed in-house, featured a flexible “torso” mounted on a base that allowed for dynamic movement of its arms and sensors. This design made the robot surprisingly dexterous and capable of accessing shelves at various heights while navigating through narrow passages. Additionally, the system boasted a wheeled base, which was perfect for effortlessly navigating layouts like the one at the Modex conference.

Something worth noting about the Reflex system is that it is primarily tele-operated, meaning it can be controlled remotely. It is a classic example of a “human in the loop” system. The only potential constraint could arise from latency issues if the operator is too far away. Co-founder and CEO Ritesh Ragavender likens the interface to a video game and proudly shares that the robot’s efficiency is approaching human-level.

The team at Reflex Robotics is constantly pushing towards a future where fewer people are needed to operate their systems. As the robot becomes more autonomous and capable, the role of humans will shift from operator to supervisor. However, for now, the human-to-robot ratio stands at 1:1. Ragavender predicts that by early next year, this ratio will increase to 1:2 in warehouses and third-party logistics companies.

The robot showcased at Modex was a second-generation system, currently undergoing selective pilot runs with potential customers. According to Ragavender, some big names are already showing interest in their technology. He reveals that the current plan is to have 10-20 Reflex robots in use around the world, with hundreds more lined up for next year.

“The combination of a constantly learning system, remote operators, and a cost-effective robot is what will allow us to scale this and make it a success,” states Ragavender confidently. “We are ready to ship our product today, which is currently priced at below $50,000. As we scale our manufacturing capabilities, we aim to bring this number down even further.”

The New York-based startup currently boasts a lean team of just five individuals, all of whom have a background from esteemed institutions like MIT, Boston Dynamics, and Tesla. So far, Reflex Robotics has secured a seed round of funding, led by Khosla Ventures. Ragavender shares that the company is likely to pursue a Series A round towards the end of this year, as they continue to make strides in the field of robotics and automation.

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