Experience Monday’s Solar Eclipse with The Eclipse App: The Top Pick on the App Store

Now at the top of the App Store, The Eclipse App is a great companion for Monday’s solar eclipseA well-designed app designed to optimize your viewing of the total solar eclipse on Tuesday has surged to the top of the App Store. The app began its App Store climb late on Sunday, gaining 35,000 downloads on the App Store and starting to move up the charts. The app is currently ranked first in its category (Travel) and ninth Overall in the U.S. App Store and eighth in its category via Google Play. Reviews are mostly positive on the App Store: There are 40 5-star reviews vs. 22 1-star reviews, Appfigures says. You can also check your local forecast and subscribe to local events and check out other local points of interest.

At the peak of the App Store’s popularity stands The Eclipse App, a fantastic accompaniment for Monday’s solar eclipse.

A beautifully designed app crafted to enhance your viewing of the total solar eclipse on Tuesday has soared to the top of the App Store. With over 140,000 downloads on both iOS and Android devices, this app, simply named “The Eclipse App,” offers a comprehensive experience for witnessing this astronomical event. It includes features such as cloud cover forecasts, precise guides for totality at your exact location, and information on local events, parks, and viewing sites in your area.

The app was created through a partnership between The Planetary Society, an independent organization focused on space exploration, and The Eclipse Company, a technology company formed after the 2017 Great American Eclipse with the goal of making total solar eclipses more accessible to the public.

These companies initially released a user-friendly eclipse map to assist individuals in finding the perfect spot to view the annual eclipse slated for October 14, 2023.

Released in the United States and Canada this February, The Eclipse App currently generates revenue through in-app purchases which allow users to access a livestream for just $3. As of Monday, there are approximately 9.8K paying users, according to data from app intelligence firm Appfigures. The app’s rise to the top of the App Store began late on Sunday, with a surge of 35,000 downloads, propelling it up the charts. However, Google’s estimates are delayed by a few days, meaning that the total number of downloads could very well exceed 140,000 by now.

The app holds the top rank in the Travel category and the ninth overall spot in the U.S. App Store. On Google Play, it ranks eighth in its category.

What’s even more impressive is that the app’s rise in popularity is not due to any Apple Search Ads; rather, it’s all from organic searches.

Reviews on the App Store are predominantly positive: Appfigures reveals that there are 40 five-star reviews compared to 22 one-star reviews. However, there seems to be more dissatisfaction among consumers for the Android version.

The Eclipse Company guarantees that this app will not only allow you to explore U.S. states and Canadian provinces along the path of totality but also provide information on community events in those areas. Additionally, the app features a timer that allows you to know precisely when totality will occur at your specific location, so you can put on your eclipse glasses and watch the event unfold. You can also check your local forecast and subscribe to local events, as well as discover other points of interest in your area. The app also includes parking information for many of the events listed.

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