“2024 Google Cloud Next: What’s Been Revealed?”

Google VidsLeveraging AI to help customers develop creative content is something Big Tech is looking for, and Tuesday, Google introduced its version. Read moreImagen 2In February, Google announced an image generator built into Gemini, Google’s AI-powered chatbot. “Vertex AI Agent Builder allows people to very easily and quickly build conversational agents,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said. Read moreNvidia’s Blackwell platformOne of the anticipated announcements is Nvidia’s next-generation Blackwell platform coming to Google Cloud in early 2025. This, Kyle Wiggers writes, is “Google’s most capable generative AI model,” and is now available in public preview on Vertex AI, Google’s enterprise-focused AI development platform.

Google’s highly anticipated Cloud Next event for 2024 is currently underway in the bustling city of Las Vegas until Thursday. As expected, the event is chock full of exciting updates and news surrounding Google’s cloud-focused efforts, including AI-powered chatbot Gemini, advancements in AI, devops, and security. Last year marked the first in-person Cloud Next since 2019, and Google did not disappoint with its showcase of AI dedication, including its Duet AI for Gmail and various other debuts and enterprise-focused updates.

Didn’t have time to catch the entire Google keynote event? Don’t worry, we have condensed the most important highlights below, with additional insight from our TechCrunch team on the ground at the event. Plus, you can catch Wednesday’s developer-focused stream starting at 10:30 a.m. PT.

Google Vids

Big Tech is constantly seeking ways to utilize AI to assist customers in developing creative content, and Google is no exception. At the event, Google introduced their latest feature, Google Vids, a revolutionary AI-powered video creation tool, which is now available on the Google Workspace.

Here’s how it works: Users can seamlessly create videos using other Workspace tools like Docs and Sheets. The editing, writing, and production are all integrated for a streamlined experience. Plus, colleagues can collaborate in real-time within Google Vids. Read more about this exciting new tool below.

Gemini Code Assist

If you’re thinking Google’s new Gemini Code Assist, an AI code completion and assistance tool, sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. TechCrunch Senior Editor Frederic Lardinois notes that “Google previously offered a similar service under the now-defunct Duet AI branding.” However, Gemini has arrived and is a direct competitor to GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise. Learn more about this newcomer and its potential impacts on developers in the latest episode of TechCrunch Minute with Alex Wilhelm.

Google Workspace

Google unveiled several new features at the event, including voice prompts for the AI-based “Help me write” feature in Gmail, making it easier to access while on the go. Plus, users can now instantly transform rough email drafts into polished messages. Over on Sheets, customizable alerts can be sent when a specific field changes, and new templates make starting a new spreadsheet a breeze. For Doc lovers, tabs are now an option, allowing for better organization within a single document instead of linking multiple ones. Of course, subscribers get first dibs on these exciting updates. Read more below.

Monetizing AI Features

Google seems to have plans to monetize two of its new AI features: AI meetings and messaging, and AI security. These features will be available as $10/month/user add-ons, offering services like note-taking, meeting summaries, and translation into 69 languages, as well as enhanced security measures for Google Workspace content. Read on for more details.

Imagen 2

Earlier this year, Google announced the integration of an image generator into Gemini, their AI-powered chatbot. However, after reports of offensive inaccuracies due to the tool randomly injecting gender and racial diversity into prompts about people, Google took it down. Now, they have released Imagen 2, a more advanced image-generating tool available on their enterprise-focused Vertex AI developer platform. Imagen 2’s features include inpainting and outpainting, as well as the ability to turn text prompts into short videos. Discover more about this exciting new tool below.

Vertex AI Agent Builder

Introducing the Vertex AI Agent Builder, Google’s latest tool to assist companies in constructing AI agents. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian explains that this tool allows users to effortlessly build and deploy AI-powered conversational agents, guiding them to provide accurate and quality answers. Using a process called “grounding,” the answers are tied to reliable sources, such as Google Search. Learn more about this innovative tool below.

Gemini in Databases

Gemini in Databases provides a bundle of AI-powered tools for developers using Google Cloud to create, monitor, and migrate app databases. This package, labeled as “simplifying all aspects of the database journey,” offers a range of features to enhance the database experience. Learn more about Gemini in Databases below.

Google’s Focus on Data Sovereignty

While Google has previously offered cloud sovereignty, they are now shifting their focus towards partnerships rather than creating them themselves. Read on to discover more about this change in strategy.

AI Love for Security Tools

Google is joining the trend of productizing generative AI-powered security tools, debuting a variety of new products and features aimed at large companies. These include Threat Intelligence, which analyzes potentially malicious code, and Chronicle, their cybersecurity telemetry offering. They also introduced the enterprise cybersecurity and risk management suite, Security Command Center. Learn more about these enhancements below.

Nvidia’s Blackwell Platform

One of the most highly anticipated announcements at the event was Nvidia’s next-generation Blackwell platform, set to arrive on Google Cloud in early 2025. This platform will support high-performance tasks, including AI and language model training, and will feature liquid-cooled GB200 servers. Discover more about the exciting new features of Blackwell below.

Chrome Enterprise Premium

Google is expanding their Chrome Enterprise product suite with the launch of Chrome Enterprise Premium, focusing on enhancing security capabilities. With the realization that most high-value work is now done through browsers, Google aims to improve enterprise security measures. Learn more about this latest addition below.

Gemini 1.5 Pro

Gemini 1.5 Pro is Google’s most advanced generative AI model, now available as a public preview on Vertex AI. This model has the ability to process up to 1 million tokens, offering more context to improve outcomes. Learn more about this impressive tool below.

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