Truecaller Debuts Web Client for Android Users

Initially, the web version, called Truecaller for Web, will only be made available to Android users in India, the company said, but it plans to roll out the support in other territories in the future. All Truecaller for Android users in India can now link their devices to the web client on a PC or a Mac through a QR code. This is akin to linking the web version of a messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram. Now users will be able to look up numbers without any such limitations on the web client, the company said. Last month, it launched a “Max” feature update for Android users to block all calls from unapproved contacts or spam detected by AI.

Truecaller, the beloved caller ID application, has announced the launch of its web version that brings a plethora of features to the desktop. This includes SMS and chat mirroring, call notifications, and number search functionality. Available initially for Android users in India, the web version, aptly called Truecaller for Web, will eventually be rolled out to other territories.

“We are excited to offer our users the convenience and ease of using Truecaller on their desktops,” said the company in a statement.

Linking your Android device to the web client on your PC or Mac is as easy as scanning a QR code. However, Truecaller is limiting the number of active web sessions to one and will automatically sign you out after 30 days of no usage. No need to worry, though, as users can manually de-link a browser from their settings, similar to linking a web version of a messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Despite its popularity in India, Truecaller is a bit late to the party when it comes to the SMS and chat mirroring feature. Microsoft, for instance, provides SMS mirroring for both Android and iPhone users on Windows through its Phone Link functionality. Nevertheless, this feature is sure to bring convenience to users who can now quickly reply to texts or access one-time passwords (OTPs) for login.

As a bonus, Truecaller will now allow users to look up a phone number directly on its website, without any rate limitations. Additionally, the web client also displays real-time caller ID notifications, making it easier for users to identify incoming calls.

According to the company, there are currently 80 million people who receive SMS pop-up summaries daily, which means they have given Truecaller permission to read their messages. However, it is not clear if these individuals use Truecaller as their primary SMS client.

In recent months, Truecaller has made a shift towards incorporating more AI-powered features. Last month, it introduced a “Max” feature update for Android users, allowing them to block all calls from unapproved contacts or spam detected by AI. In February, the company also launched call recording and AI-powered transcription features in India, its largest market with nearly 259 million users.

In October 2023, Truecaller saw a dip in its stock by 32%, following lower revenues for the quarter. However, it has since recovered from its low price of SEK24.47 ($2.32) and is currently trading at around SEK31.68 ($3) at the time of writing.

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