AXS and TikTok Join Forces to Offer Global Ticket Sales for Live Events

Tiktok said today that it has partnered with ticketing company AXS to sell tickets for events worldwide. Users in these regions can tap on the events highlighted in videos or on artists’ profiles to buy tickets through AXS. TikTok had signed a similar deal with Ticketmaster for U.S.-based events in 2022, and expanded the partnership in 2023 to sell tickets in 20 more countries. The short-video platform said it will let certified artists promote their live events by adding AXS event links to their videos, and sell tickets via an in-app ticketing feature. Last October, TikTok onboarded as a partner to sell passes for its first live music event.

TikTok announced today that it has joined forces with ticketing giant AXS to offer ticket sales for events across the globe. This exciting new feature will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia upon launch. Users in these regions can simply tap on the event highlighted in videos or on an artist’s profile to purchase tickets directly through AXS.

This partnership follows TikTok’s previous collaboration with Ticketmaster for U.S. events in 2022, which expanded in 2023 to include ticket sales in an additional 20 countries.

The popular short-video platform also revealed that certified artists will now have the ability to promote their live events by adding AXS event links in their videos. This integration will allow for a seamless ticket purchasing experience through an in-app feature.

AXS is no stranger to ticket sales in the entertainment industry, as it also offers ticketing through services like Spotify and Bandsintown via its AXS Anywhere program.

Last year, TikTok welcomed as a partner to sell passes for its very first live music event.

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