“Collaborate with Musicians Worldwide Using Indaband’s Innovative App”

A new social media app called Indaband lets musicians and vocalists collaborate with others and make music with people all over the world. You can record and mix unlimited video tracks in different sessions using the app’s multi-track video studio and share them with your community. The app is the brainchild of CEO Daniel Murta, CTO Andrews Medina, Head of Engineering Helielson Santos and Design Leader Emerson Farias. They all used to get together to play music during happy hours after work, and once the pandemic hit, they came up with the idea for Indaband so they could still play music together while in quarantine. Circles will allow users to build their own communities on the app and possibly even hold live events.

A revolutionary new app is taking the music world by storm, connecting musicians and vocalists from all corners of the globe. Say hello to Indaband – the social media platform designed to break down barriers and unite artists through the universal language of music.

Indaband’s goal is simple yet ambitious: to bring together individuals who may typically play their instruments in isolation and give them the experience of being part of a worldwide band. Cleverly named after its purpose, the app allows musicians to collaborate with each other by stitching together videos of themselves playing their own instruments on top of others’ original recordings.

All you need to join Indaband is a pair of headphones and a smartphone to record your own contribution. You have the option to upload pre-recorded files as new tracks or record your parts in real-time using the app’s recording booth. With unlimited video tracks and a multi-track video studio at your fingertips, the possibilities for creativity and collaboration are endless. And once your masterpiece is complete, you can easily share it with your community.

So who’s behind this ingenious app? Indaband is the brainchild of CEO Daniel Murta, CTO Andrews Medina, Head of Engineering Helielson Santos, and Design Leader Emerson Farias. The co-founders first came up with the idea while working together at a legal technology company called Jusbrasil, which Murta co-founded.

“During our weekly happy hours, we would often unwind by playing music together. When the pandemic hit, we were no longer able to do so in person. That’s when the idea for Indaband was born – a way for us to continue making music together despite the physical distance,” said Murta.

And so, the group spent their weekends developing Indaband, eventually leaving Jusbrasil to focus on their innovative creation full-time. Their aim was to simplify the often complex process of music creation and make it accessible to everyone, right from their smartphones.

Indaband also helps users discover new songs and jam sessions through daily curated playlists that cover a diverse range of genres, including rock, jazz, hip-hop, and EDM. Each video can be liked, commented on, and even reposted to your followers.

But the app’s creators have even bigger plans for the future. They are currently working on a new feature called “Circles,” which can be likened to clubs on Strava. This feature will allow users to create their own communities and potentially hold live events within the app. There are also talks about incorporating a Patreon-like feature within Circles, where established creators can offer paid content, such as virtual music lessons.

While Indaband’s early adopters are skilled musicians who are comfortable sharing their talent and recording themselves, the app has its sights set on aspiring musicians and singers.

“Our ultimate goal is to become the go-to platform for musical communities to thrive. There is currently no such place for musicians to connect and collaborate, but we want to change that. Our strategy to achieve this is simple – make the creation process easy and open to everyone,” shared Murta.

In late 2021, Indaband raised an impressive $7 million in seed funding, with contributions from notable angel investors, such as Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger and former Megadeth guitar player Kiko Loureiro. Several Latin American VC firms, including Monashees and Upload Ventures, also invested in the app.

Best of all? Indaband is free and available for both iOS and Android users. So, what are you waiting for? Join the community and let your musical talents shine with Indaband.

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