“Step Out of the Ordinary: Discover the $365 Aiden Coffee Machine from Fellow”

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The fancy drip coffee maker has a $365 price tag to match. The latest addition to its aficionado-forward lineup is the Aiden coffee machine, a sleek brewer taking a stab at transforming the at-home coffee experience. Even my parents, who have Fellow products laid out on their counter, still use a basic coffee maker. Aiden is designed for them.”The Aiden coffee maker promises precision and customization that rival professional setups, all from the comfort of one’s kitchen. Aiden Precision Coffee Maker is today available for presale for $365 on FellowProducts.com, and the company says it will ship in September.

Reimagining the Effect of Microsoft’s Unbundling of Teams on Slack

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As Microsoft unbundles Teams, it might not have the impact on Slack you thinkOne of the primary reasons that Slack joined forces with Salesforce in 2021 in a $28 billion deal was to give the communications company the clout to compete with Microsoft. For years, company co-founder Stewart Butterfield railed against Microsoft bundling Teams with Office 365, calling it anticompetitive and saying at one point that Microsoft was “unhealthily obsessed with killing Slack.”The company went so far as to file a complaint against Microsoft with the European Union in 2020. This morning, Microsoft announced it was finally unbundling Teams from Office 365 in the future, although current customers could continue to use the bundled license. The market has matured to the point that many larger firms have made their choice, and since swapping out solutions isn’t a trivial matter, unbundling Teams is unlikely to have an appreciable impact on market share. What’s more, rather than aiding Slack, he sees this as helping Microsoft to get Teams into more accounts where companies weren’t buying Office 365 licenses.

Global Unbundling of Office and Teams by Microsoft Amidst Extended Criticism

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Microsoft will introduce a new version of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription service that excludes Teams, unbundling a suite following scrutiny from the European Union regulator and complaints from rival Slack. The move follows Microsoft agreeing to sell Office 365 suite sans Microsoft Teams offering in the EU and Switzerland last year. The company introduced Teams as a complimentary offering to the Office 365 suite in 2017. Microsoft has enjoyed an unfair advantage by coupling the two offerings, many businesses have argued. In a statement to Reuters, Microsoft said the unbundling “also addresses feedback from the European Commission by providing multinational companies more flexibility when they want to standardize their purchasing across geographies.”Reuters reported that Microsoft will introduce the new Office 365 lineups on Monday.

Copilot: A Topic of Interest for Microsoft

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But that’s how things are at Microsoft now: everything needs to have a Copilot angle — even its most straightforward hardware events. “Windows 11 and Windows 365 promise a new era of AI productivity,” Melissa Grant, Microsoft’s senior director for Windows Enterprise said. Microsoft is also betting on cloud PCs delivered through Windows 365 as a surface for the Copilot. Microsoft says that Windows App usage has now reached over 3 million active hours since it entered preview at the Microsoft Ignite 2023 in November. And those Windows 365 cloud PCs?

Data Protection Rules Breached: EU’s Utilization of Microsoft 365 Unveiled

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A lengthy investigation into the European Union’s use of Microsoft 365 has found the Commission breached the bloc’s data protection rules through its use of the cloud-based productivity software. Announcing its decision in a press release today, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) said the Commission infringed “several key data protection rules when using Microsoft 365”. The regulator, which oversees’ EU institutions’ compliance with data protection rules, opened a probe of the Commission’s use of Microsoft 365 and other US cloud services back in May 2021. Yet use of Microsoft 365 routinely results in data flowing back to Microsoft’s servers in the US. Over the last few years, Microsoft has responded to amped up EU regulatory risk attached to data transfers by expanding a data localization effort focused on regional cloud customers — in an infrastructure it’s branded the “EU Data Boundary for the Microsoft Cloud”.