Copilot: A Topic of Interest for Microsoft

But that’s how things are at Microsoft now: everything needs to have a Copilot angle — even its most straightforward hardware events. “Windows 11 and Windows 365 promise a new era of AI productivity,” Melissa Grant, Microsoft’s senior director for Windows Enterprise said. Microsoft is also betting on cloud PCs delivered through Windows 365 as a surface for the Copilot. Microsoft says that Windows App usage has now reached over 3 million active hours since it entered preview at the Microsoft Ignite 2023 in November. And those Windows 365 cloud PCs?

Microsoft made big moves at their virtual event today, revealing two new Surface devices and a multitude of accompanying accessories. However, the initial portion of the presentation was dedicated to showcasing the continued integration and advancements of their AI Copilot within the Windows platform. This may have seemed like a software-focused event, but as we’ve come to expect from Microsoft, even its hardware announcements now carry a Copilot angle.

The Copilot story told by Microsoft today was primarily a rehash of previous updates and customer testimonials. A strong emphasis was placed on how Copilot enhances employee happiness and productivity, summarizing meetings and documents for those who were unable to attend or read.

Melissa Grant, Senior Director for Windows Enterprise at Microsoft, stated that “Windows 11 and Windows 365 promise a new era of AI productivity.” The company’s goal is to empower employees to work more efficiently and creatively, optimizing their productive time.

But how exactly is Microsoft achieving this? By introducing a toggle for the Copilot experience on Windows 11, giving users the ability to switch between “Work” and “Web.” The Work option integrates Copilot’s Microsoft 365 capabilities, powered by internal company data, directly into the Windows interface. This aligns with Microsoft’s overarching strategy of making Copilot accessible to as many people as possible. After all, Windows is designed to “deliver technology that puts you on a path to becoming an AI-centered organization,” Grant explained.

Microsoft is also investing in cloud PCs through their Windows 365 service as a platform for Copilot. The app used to access these cloud PCs, as well as Azure Virtual Desktop and Remote Desktop, is aptly named the Windows App. Since its preview launch at the Microsoft Ignite 2023 in November, Windows App has already accumulated over 3 million active hours. While an impressive number, Microsoft acknowledges that it would only take a small number of users working full-time on cloud PCs throughout their workday to reach this figure. Vodafone and Zurich Insurance Group have been named as early adopters of this technology.

Another point of focus during the event was that Copilot can now perform basic IT functions through chat, such as opening the appropriate settings window. This was originally announced a few weeks ago. Additionally, Windows 365 cloud PCs can now be resized as needed.

And that’s a wrap. Be sure to hit that Copilot button and subscribe!

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