The $699 Ai Pin from Humane: Now in Stock!

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Humane today announced the availability of its first product, the Ai Pin. Ai Pin is the first of what Humane hopes will be a long line of devices aimed at harness the power and popularity of generative AI platforms such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. Humane’s vision for the $699 device is one in which a new technology can free itself of its predecessors’ limitations. It really started a conversation about the incredible tool we built, but also some of the side effects.”The Ai Pin is the first of what will almost certainly be a long line of products riding the generative AI boon. Humane’s $699 entry point gets you the Ai Pin, an extra battery and an AI charging case.

“Timekettle’s Multilingual Translation Hardware: Allowing Simultaneous Translation for $699”

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Personal translation devices have had a hugely transformative decade. It’s easy to imagine a time in the not-so-distance future when real-time, in-person smartphone translation is a ubiquitous commodity. For in-person meetings, two devices are touched together to initiate conversation translation. Remote users dial into the phone number associated with the product to access its translation capabilities. The Timekettle X1 is available online starting today, priced at $699.