Reinventing Insulation: CleanFiber’s Mission to Transform Millions of Tonnes of Cardboard Boxes

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For decades, building material companies have shredded old newspapers to create cellulose insulation. But as newspapers have declined, the cellulose insulation industry has found itself in a bind, chasing after dwindling supplies of raw material. People have increasingly turned to e-commerce, and the amount of cardboard boxes has crept steadily upward. To date, CleanFiber has been able to produce enough insulation for about 20,000 single-family homes. Plus, Strimling points out that more stringent building codes mean that new homes require more insulation than ever before.

“Upcoming Closure of Google Podcasts: Migration to YouTube Music Highly Recommended for Users”

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Google is shutting down its Podcasts app in the U.S. in a matter of days. In 2020, YouTube Music offered a similar transition strategy to move music listeners away from Google Play Music ahead of its shutdown that same year. However, the Google Podcasts app continued to be maintained for years because YouTube Music wasn’t ready to support podcasts until more recently. By the end of 2023, YouTube Music was able to support podcasts globally, and, by February, they had the ability to upload their RSS feeds, too. From its earlier statements, though, the plan is to discontinue Google Podcasts in 2024.

Incorporating Affinity: Enhancing Canva’s Competitive Edge Against Adobe’s Creative Suite

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Canva has typically targeted the beginner for their products, but company co-Founder Cliff Obrecht sees the acquisition opening the door to more advanced users. “Canva needed products with more complex capabilities to go up against Adobe,” Wang told TechCrunch. In a blog post on the Affinity website, CEO Ashley Hewson tried to allay customer fears about the change. “In Canva, we’ve found a kindred spirit who can help us take Affinity to new levels. With Affinity, Canva gains 3 million users worldwide along with 90 employees who will be joining the company.

Pienso creates AI model training tools without coding requirements

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“So much of the AI conversation has been dominated by … large language models,” Jones said, “but the reality is that no one model can do everything. Pienso believes that any domain expert, not just an AI engineer, should be able to do just that.”Pienso guides users through the process of annotating or labeling training data for pre-tuned open source or custom AI models. “Pienso’s flexible, no-code interface allows teams to train models directly using their own company’s data,” Jones said. “This alleviates the privacy concerns of using … models, and also is more accurate, capturing the nuances of each individual company.”Companies pay Pienso a yearly license based on the number of AI models they deploy. It’s fostering a future where we’re building smarter AI models for a specific application, by the people who are most familiar with the problems they are trying to solve.”

“Revolutionizing TV Technology: Displace’s Innovative Wall-Mounted Models and Advanced AI Functions”

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The Displace wireless TV, that sticks to walls, plans new models and new AI featuresAt CES 2023 a startup hardware company called Displace launched the 55-inch ‘Display Flex’, a “wireless” $3,000 4K OLED TV which sticks to walls without a traditional mounting. To begin with, the new ‘Display Mini’ will be a smaller 27 inch TV and designed for a kitchen or bathroom space. The Displace devices will also have a Thermal camera built-in that has potential health applications (like reading your body heat maps to detect inflammation etc. While most consumers are fine with a traditional TV setup, it’s businesses that need to be able to mount a TV on a wall, or even a window, as Displace is capable of doing. And should that fail, the screen will gradually lower itself using a zipline – like a spider walking down a web – from the wall.

to Get Ready to Enter the World of Dungeons & Dragons Through Virtual Reality…If You Dare

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Wizards of the Coast and Resolution Games have announced their collaboration to bring Dungeons & Dragons to virtual reality. The franchise also made a splash this year with a Hollywood film and the hugely successful Baldur’s Gate III, a video game that licenses Dungeons & Dragons IP. — but it continues Wizards’ trend of bringing Dungeons & Dragons away from the table and into digital media. It’s also not clear whether this is a platform for players to connect with their friends to play D&D through VR, or if they’re telling a whole new story, like the “Honor Among Thieves” film. It’s common for people to use platforms like Foundry and Roll20 to play D&D with non-local friends, and Baldur’s Gate was a hit, but… are we really trying to eldritch blast our enemies in VR?

SLIM Mission of Japan Successfully Lands on Moon but Time is Ticking Away

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Japan’s long-planned Smart Lander for Investigating Moon has successfully touched down on the lunar surface, making the nation the fifth in history to do so. But all is not well for SLIM, which may have a limited lease on life due to trouble with its solar cells. In a press conference following the early-morning (local time) landing on the Moon, the directors of JAXA and the mission explained that “The soft landing was itself successful; SLIM has been communicating and it receiving commands. However, as the other sensors are working correctly and showing healthy values, they feel confident it is limited to the solar cells themselves. The initial press conference was primarily to announce the initial success of a soft landing and functioning lunar lander.

“CES Showcases Cutting-Edge AI Products: Voice Synthesis and Fertility Tracking Among the Top Standouts”

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“AI” was everywhere this year at CES; you couldn’t swing a badge without hitting some company claiming generative AI was going to revolutionize your sleep, teeth, or business. But a few applications of machine learning stood out as genuinely helpful or surprising — here are a few examples of AI that might actually do some good. These folks can whisper just fine, but not speak — often having to rely on a decidedly last-century electronic voice box. The rabbit r1 got a fair amount of hype at CES, as a candy-colored pocket AI assistant should. If you can talk, you can get things done — and if you use Whispp, you don’t even need to talk!

Improving Parkinson’s Patients’ Mobility: A Look at Harvard’s Robotic Exoskeleton and its Fall-Reducing Abilities

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If you follow the world of robotic exoskeletons with any frequency, you’re no doubt aware of the two primary categories. The latter category is often the domain of soft robotic exoskeletons – those with fabric parts designed to be more of a day-to-day assistive accessory. In the case of people with Parkinson’s disease, “freezing” is a frequent issue that impacts the ability to walk, while increasing the likelihood of falls. New research from a joint team from Harvard and Boston University, published in Nature Medicine, demonstrates how soft robotic exoskeletons can address the issue. Without any special training, the patient was able to walk without any freezing indoors and with only occasional episodes outdoors.