“Upcoming Closure of Google Podcasts: Migration to YouTube Music Highly Recommended for Users”

Google is shutting down its Podcasts app in the U.S. in a matter of days. In 2020, YouTube Music offered a similar transition strategy to move music listeners away from Google Play Music ahead of its shutdown that same year. However, the Google Podcasts app continued to be maintained for years because YouTube Music wasn’t ready to support podcasts until more recently. By the end of 2023, YouTube Music was able to support podcasts globally, and, by February, they had the ability to upload their RSS feeds, too. From its earlier statements, though, the plan is to discontinue Google Podcasts in 2024.

Google is set to close the doors of its Podcasts app in the United States, with a tight deadline looming. App users have been given a warning that they must transfer their subscriptions over to YouTube Music by April 2nd in order to continue following and streaming their beloved shows. Those who fail to make the transition immediately will still have some time to do so, but come April 2nd, they will no longer be able to stream directly from the Podcasts app.

The Google Podcasts app has been a staple for over half a decade, with over 500 million downloads on Android devices worldwide. Its simple and streamlined interface made it a go-to choice for discovering, following, and listening to podcasts, as well as adding them through RSS feeds. However, last September, the tech giant announced that the app would be phased out in early 2024, as part of a larger plan to centralize its audio services under YouTube.

In 2020, YouTube Music underwent a similar transition strategy when it moved music listeners away from Google Play Music ahead of its closure that same year. However, the Podcasts app continued to be supported for a few more years, as YouTube Music was not yet ready to handle podcasts. It wasn’t until the end of 2023 that YouTube Music was able to fully support podcasts globally, and in February, it gained the capability to upload RSS feeds as well.

This shift towards YouTube as the main hub for podcasting could potentially position Google as a major player in the industry. The consolidation of efforts and sharpening of focus, combined with the rising popularity of video podcasts on YouTube, may prove to be advantageous. In fact, Spotify recently struck a deal with Universal Music Group to introduce video podcasts on its U.S. platform, and has been testing them in 11 other markets since March.

Bleeping Computer was the first to report the shutdown date for Google Podcasts in the U.S., and a support page on Google’s website confirms that the app will only be functional until the end of March 2024. For those who may miss the in-app notifications, Google is offering additional time to save their subscriptions by allowing them to utilize the app’s export feature until July 2024.

Google has not yet responded to requests for comment, but based on previous statements, the plan is to discontinue the Podcasts app in 2024.

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