“Integrating AI-Focused Data Management and Differential Privacy: The Power of PVML”

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PVML is offering an interesting solution by combining a ChatGPT-like tool for analyzing data with the safety guarantees of differential privacy. It’s much easier, faster and more efficient — and our secret sauce, differential privacy, enables this integration very easily.”Differential privacy is far from a new concept. The team argues that today’s data access solutions are ineffective and create a lot of overhead. The promise of using differential privacy means that PVML’s users don’t have to make changes to the original data. “That’s a taste of things to come, and organizations who adopt AI today will be a step ahead tomorrow.

“AI-Powered Summaries Now Extend Across Meetings and Messages: Introducing Read AI”

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And he would: He’s the co-founder of Read AI, which summarizes video calls across platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Shim, previously the CEO of Foursquare, co-founded Read AI with Rob Williams and Elliott Waldron in 2021. Prior to Read AI, the trio worked together at Foursquare, Snapchat and Shim’s previous startup, Placed (which Foursquare acquired in 2019). “What makes Read unique is that its AI agents work quietly in the background, enabling your meetings, emails and messages to interact with each other,” Shim said, adding that the average summary from Read AI condenses 50 emails across 10 recipients into a single summary. “This acceleration in growth can directly be attributed to the quantifiable return users see in terms of time savings when using Read AI in their meetings.”

Sequoia invests in Coana for advanced vulnerability management through ‘code aware’ software analysis.

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Silicon Valley venture capital (VC) juggernaut Sequoia is backing a fledgling Danish startup to build a next-gen software composition analysis (SCA) tool, one that promises to help companies filter through the noise and identify vulnerabilities that are a genuine threat. For context, most software contains at least some open source components, many of which are out-of-date and irregularly — if at all — maintained. In turn, this is leading to an array of fresh regulation, designed to strong-arm businesses into running a tighter software supply chain. The problem is, with millions of components permeating the software supply chain, it’s not always easy to know whether a given application is using a particular component. And this is where Danish cybersecurity startup Coana is setting out to make a difference, using “code aware” SCA to help its users separate out irrelevant alerts and focus only on those that matter.

“PatSnap Unveils CoPilot: The Revolutionary AI Assistant for IP Analysis”

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Now it’s building out its suite of AI products with the launch of its AI assistant CoPilot. PatSnap CEO and co-founder Jeffrey Tiong tells TechCrunch that PatSnap exists to remove friction in the innovation process for its customers, both within IP and R&D teams, and between them. IP teams can use PatSnap’s AI tools to analyze their markets and protect inventions at scale, says Tiong. What CoPilot does is build further onto PatSnap’s AI products. It enables IP and R&D teams to find what they need more quickly within patents, non-patent literature and technical news.

The Vastness of the Illicit Fishing Trade Revealed Through Satellite Image Analysis

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Satellite imagery and machine learning offer a new, far more detailed look at the maritime industry, specifically the number and activities of fishing and transport ships at sea. Satellite imagery offers a new perspective on this conundrum: you can’t hide from an eye in the sky. The dark fishing industry is huge — perhaps as big again as the publicly documented one. “Fish are an important dynamic resource that move around, so openly tracking fishing vessels is fundamental for monitoring fish stocks. The global community only hears second-hand, and one of the study’s findings was that the Asian fishing industry is systematically under-represented.

“Growing Sustainably: Why Startups Need to Prioritize Scalable Strategies”

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Until recently, many startups have prioritized growth at all costs, using abundant venture capital to acquire users and dominate markets without regard for profitability or sustainability. However, recent market conditions have shifted toward “efficient growth,” balancing growth with profitability to create a sustainable path to scale. The churn rate is not stable enough to accurately forecast customer lifetime. With a product improving over time by adding features that address customers’ needs, we would expect the churn rate to decline. Despite an improvement in a product, there are external factors beyond a company’s control, such as macro headwinds, that may encourage a higher churn rate.