“Discover 6 Fantastic Audiobook Apps That Stand Out from Audible”

Woman Listening Audiobook offers a 30 day free trial that comes with three free audiobooks. The platform lets you download titles for offline reading and listening, and allows you access titles across four devices. Spotify has started giving Premium members 15 hours of free audiobook listening every month. Many best sellers fall under 15 hours, which means you can enjoy a free audiobook every month. is an interesting audiobook app because it lets you buy audiobooks while supporting your local bookstores.

Surprising Success: The Truth About Startup Performance

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In the face of recent economic downturns and fears of a startup bubble-burst, it may be surprising to hear that startups are faring better than you might think. I’ve been talking to a bunch of founders who are struggling to raise funding — and that is a real problem — but there are some startups that focus on the business fundamentals that are still thriving. Looking at the numbers, this presents as an uptick in median runway length, a decrease in operating expenses, and an encouraging rise in profitable revenue. This is founders focusing on being more efficient,” Healy Jones, VP of financial strategy at Kruze Consulting, told me. It now stands at an impressive 12.5 months, significantly higher than the nine to 10 months usually expected after an average funding round.

Holiday Season Continues Unfazed by Crypto Hacks and Chaos

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To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important crypto stories delivered to your inbox every Thursday at 12 p.m. PT, subscribe here. If you’re feeling the holiday spirit this month, you probably align with millions of people out there spreading joy, love, warmth, maybe even some generosity. ZachXBT, a well-known independent crypto researcher, wrote on X that one victim had more than $600,000 in crypto drained from their account. What’s happening in web3The latest podFor this week’s episode, Jacquelyn interviewed Johann Kerbrat, the general manager of crypto at Robinhood. Johann is leading the application’s effort to expand its crypto exchange business and make digital assets more accessible to retail investors.