Surprising Outcomes of Gas Stove Removal: Climate vs Health Benefits

Gas stoves may soon be a thing of the past.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into a ban on certain appliances to cut down on indoor air pollution, per Commissioner Rich Trumka Jr.’s tweet and Bloomberg interview.

Trumka warned, “This is a hidden hazard; any option–including bans on unsafe products–is on the table.”

It’s time to replace gas stoves: their use is linked to asthma and COPD, two serious conditions. Plus, natural gas in U.S. homes often contains carcinogens like benzene, hexane and toluene that leak even when the stove is off!

Banning gas stoves would have huge health benefits, as 38% of American households and up to 70% in states like California and New Jersey rely on them. This could significantly reduce cases of asthma.

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