AT&T Contacts Authorities Following Customer Data Breach

AT&T has begun notifying U.S. state authorities and regulators of a security incident after confirming that millions of customer records posted online last month were authentic. According to AT&T the records contained valid data on more than 7.9 million current AT&T customers. AT&T took action some three years after a subset of the leaked data first appeared online, which prevented any meaningful analysis of the data. The full cache of 73 million leaked customer records was dumped online last month, allowing customers to verify that their data was genuine. AT&T eventually acknowledged that the leaked data belongs to its customers, including about 65 million former customers.

Observe: AT&T responds to data breach by resetting millions of passcodes

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Death, taxes, and regular, terrifying cybersecurity leaks. Those are the facts of life, as the latest AT&T data breach is teaching us yet again. A TechCrunch investigation into leaked customer data from the American telco giant has led to AT&T resetting certain customer account passcodes to prevent them from being at risk. The root of the security weakness is a massive, and AT&T’s data breach included a leaked dataset concerning more than seventy million former and current AT&T account holders. Only a fraction are still current, but the scale of the leaked dataset that TechCrunch dug into makes it plain that despite huge amounts of work and investment, there are still regular, exploitable, and dangerous for consumers.

“Revamping Content: Discord Advertisements, AT&T Passcode Restoration, and Podcast Modifications for Android Audiences”

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Mum’s the word from AT&T on customer data leak

It contains the personal information of some 73 million AT&T customers. Some AT&T customers have confirmed their leaked customer data is accurate. But AT&T still hasn’t said how its customers’ data spilled online. Hunt concluded the leaked data was real by asking AT&T customers if their leaked records were accurate. But by now AT&T should be able to provide a better explanation as to why millions of its customers’ data is online for all to see.