Observe: AT&T responds to data breach by resetting millions of passcodes

Death, taxes, and regular, terrifying cybersecurity leaks. Those are the facts of life, as the latest AT&T data breach is teaching us yet again. A TechCrunch investigation into leaked customer data from the American telco giant has led to AT&T resetting certain customer account passcodes to prevent them from being at risk. The root of the security weakness is a massive, and AT&T’s data breach included a leaked dataset concerning more than seventy million former and current AT&T account holders. Only a fraction are still current, but the scale of the leaked dataset that TechCrunch dug into makes it plain that despite huge amounts of work and investment, there are still regular, exploitable, and dangerous for consumers.

Death, taxes, and the never-ending stream of cybersecurity breaches. These are the unavoidable truths of life, exemplified once again by the recent AT&T data leak. TechCrunch’s investigation into the leaked customer data of the American telecommunications giant has resulted in AT&T resetting certain customer account passcodes in order to protect their users from potential risks.

The root of this security vulnerability was a massive data breach that affected over seventy million current and former AT&T account holders. While only a portion of these accounts are still active, the sheer scale of the leaked data analyzed by TechCrunch highlights the concerning reality that, despite extensive efforts and investments, exploitable weaknesses still exist in cybersecurity protocols, posing a very real danger to consumers.

As impressive as TechCrunch’s team of cybersecurity reporters is, it would be preferable if they had less to report on. Rather than being inundated with a constant stream of hacks, leaks, and compromises, consumers would benefit from a more secure online landscape. Let’s take a closer look.

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