Revamped and Rebooming: Cutting-edge Pepper Spray Startup 444 Returns to CES with a Game-changing Partnership Opportunity

20240111 Dsc00281
A year ago, at CES, I broke out the snark-hammer at 444, a startup that was trying to make a ‘smart’ pepper spray device. To my surprise, it had landed a significant partnership, co-development, and co-branding deal with Mace, one of the biggest names in the sprayable self-defense sector. “When you deploy the device, pepper spray comes out. I often end up seeing startups at CES that seem completely pointless (this year, my eyes did backflips over Direction 9. This serves as a great great reminder that, for true entrepreneurs, it takes more than a snarky post from an opinionated blogger to encourage them to throw in the towel.

Aurora and Continental clear first big obstacle in agreement for self-driving trucks in commercial market

Aurora Conti
Aurora and automotive supplier Continental have wrapped up the first phase of a more than $300 million project to mass produce autonomous vehicle hardware for commercial self-driving trucks. The two companies said Friday that the design and system architecture of an autonomous vehicle hardware kit is now complete. Importantly, the hardware system has to be reliable, easy to maintain and produced cheaply. Initially, these driverless trucks will carry freight between Dallas and Houston, a route the company has been using for testing. While these first 19 driverless trucks won’t be equipped with the Aurora-Continental hardware kit, they are designed to automotive standards and to operate safely without a driver, according to Aurora spokesperson Rachel Chibidakis.

Previewing CES 2024: Anticipating What’s to Come

Ces 2024 Splash
It’s all a distant memory for tech companies looking to assert themselves as leading innovators for the coming year. In spite of the aforementioned ongoing health issues, I’m actually kind of looking forward to this CES. Speaking of robotics (as I often am), CES has been dipping its toes in those waters for a few years now. Over the past several years, LG has made the strategic decision to announce its biggest products ahead of CES. Bookmark our CES 2024 page for the latest.