Inngest Secures $6.1M in Funds for Workflow Engine Expansion

Inngest Team Sept 2023
As Inngest founders Tony Holdstock-Brown (CEO) and Dan Farrelly (CTO) told me, the team added new flow control features, for example, which now make it easier to manage concurrency down to the user level. Inngest will handle the queues and database state for these functions and the developers don’t have to do anything special to make that work. Combining that with the new flow control features, Inngest argues, is unlocking a lot of new capabilities for users. “The durability and the reliability, which we have, combined with the flow control aspect allows you to build into this reliability layer. The Inngest team also expanded its language support from only offering a TypeScript SDK to also offering Python and Go SDKs — and users can migrate between them as needed without having to shut down their functions.

Sway (formerly Returnmates) Secures $19.5M Series A Funding for E-Commerce Return Management.

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Total returns for the industry amounted to $743 billion in merchandise in 2023, according to the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail. Startups have also come in with new technologies to manage the delivery and return experience. Returnmates, now rebranded as Sway, is the latest to attract new venture capital for its approach to delivery and returns that focuses on the customer. The company rebranded to Sway as a way to show its evolution beyond returns to last-mile delivery capabilities, company co-founder and CEO Eric Wimer told TechCrunch via email. Sway is currently active in California, Texas, Washington, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New York and Florida.

“Revolutionizing Wellness: Amazon’s Newest Endeavor to Uncover Digital Solutions for Chronic Illness Management”

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Amazon announced today that it’s launching Health Condition Programs, a new initiative that aims to make it easier for people to discover digital health benefits to help manage chronic conditions like prediabetes, diabetes and high blood pressure. Digital health company Omada Health is Amazon’s launch partner for the new initiative. Omada Health’s over 20 million eligible members can now discover and enroll in Omada’s programs for diabetes prevention, diabetes, and hypertension through Amazon. Members can initiate a general coverage check via the Amazon Health webpage to see if they are eligible for a program. “Many people aren’t aware of the health care benefits they’re eligible for, that are typically no cost or subsidized by their employer or insurance plan.

Top affordable budgeting apps for individuals, startups and small enterprises

Bugeting Apps
You may be looking to switch out your current budgeting app for a better one, or perhaps you’re someone who has traditionally relied on spreadsheets. For individuals, a good budgeting app can help you save money by creating and sticking to a monthly budget. For startups and small businesses, a good budgeting app can help you understand your company’s financial health and make informed decisions. Best apps for startups and small businessesFreshBooksFreshBooks is a simple tool that can help startups and small businesses create a budget and stick to it. Although it’s marketed as a personal budgeting app, Toshl can be a good tool for new startups looking to understand and manage their finances for a fraction of the cost of budgeting apps marketed toward small businesses.