“Kleiner Perkins Dominates $14.4M Seed Investment in Paradigm-Shifting Fizz: The Ultimate Credit-Building Debit Solution for Gen Z Scholars”

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“I couldn’t get a credit card because my parents couldn’t co-sign,” Kobe recalls, “and I didn’t want to put down a large security deposit. Scott points out that New York-based Fizz set out to offer college students a different entry ramp into building credit. And if you ask any of them, they’ll tell you that they’re credit card averse, but they’re not necessarily credit averse,” he told TechCrunch. ”Fizz is one of several fintechs aiming to serve the expansive Gen Z market. For instance, Frich, a financial education and social community for Gen Z, just raised $2.8 million in seed funding.

“Vector Databases: The Rising Star in the Age of AI Hype”

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Why vector databases are having a moment as the AI hype cycle peaks GenAI spurs demand for vector search startups, but database giants are also taking noteVector databases are all the rage, judging by the number of startups entering the space and the investors ponying up for a piece of the pie. “Working with visual search and robotics at Amazon was when I really looked at vector search — I was thinking about new ways to do product discovery, and that very quickly converged on vector search,” Clark told TechCrunch. “I think the same is likely to happen with vector databases,” Zaitsev told TechCrunch. “Our pitch is, ‘we do advanced vector search in the best way possible.’ It is all about specialization. At some point, users will face limitations if vector search is a critical component of your solution.”

Here are five potential options: 1. Overabundance of Mannequins 2. An Excessive Quantity of Models 3. Surplus of Fashion Figures 4. Glut of Manikins 5. Superfluity of Catwalk Prodigies

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How many AI models is too many? We’re seeing a proliferation of models large and small, from niche developers to large, well-funded ones. And let’s be clear, this is not all of the models released or previewed this week! Other large language models like LLaMa or OLMo, though technically speaking they share a basic architecture, don’t actually fill the same role. The other side of this story is that we were already in this stage long before ChatGPT and the other big models came out.

Google Cloud Next: An Immersion into Generative AI by Google

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This week in Las Vegas, 30,000 folks came together to hear the latest and greatest from Google Cloud. What they heard was all generative AI, all the time. Google Cloud is first and foremost a cloud infrastructure and platform vendor. From Google’s perspective, the company has built generative AI tools to more easily help data engineers build data pipelines to connect to data sources inside and outside of the Google ecosystem. Executives, IT pros, developers and others who went to GCN this week might have gone looking for what’s coming next from Google Cloud.

“Small Business Savior: Turkish Startup ikas Raises $20M for Revolutionary E-Commerce Solution”

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It’s easy to assume the e-commerce ship has sailed when you consider we have giant platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Wix dominating the sector. E-commerce platform, ikas, has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round as it seeks to expand its operations into new markets in Europe. The company currently operates in Turkey and Germany, and says its platform simplifies store management for companies that want to have a digital presence. Also investing in ikas is Re-Pie Asset Management, which has grocery delivery startup Getir in its portfolio as well. The round saw participation from ikas’ existing investor Revo Capital, best known as the first institutional investor in Getir, Param, Midas and Roamless.

“Legacy Automakers Must Embrace Startup Mentality: Ford Faces Yet Another Delay for New Electric Vehicles”

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Ford announced Thursday that it’s delaying the production of two electric vehicles, a next-generation EV pickup and a three-row EV SUV. Most recently, that startup mentality was on display with the Mustang Mach-E, Ford’s all-electric crossover. The result was a crossover that has helped Ford claim second place in U.S. EV sales for several quarters in a row. And don’t forget the original Ford assembly line, which while not a product, was definitely a product of entrepreneurial thinking. Ford has excelled at those tasks: The Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning are by most accounts not just excellent EVs, but excellent vehicles overall.

“Training Corporate Employees on Data and AI: Modal Secures $25M Investment”

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A few years ago, Darren Shimkus, ex-president of Udemy, had a conversation with Dennis Yang about skills building. Modal provides personalized technical skills training for a company’s staff, offering on-demand coaching and a pedagogical approach that groups users into semi-structured online learning communities. First, Shimkus says, by honing in on hot trends: data and AI. “The rise of AI is bringing more visibility to data teams than ever before,” Shimkus said. “It’s hard in today’s ever-changing workplace landscape to predict what your teams need, meaning most leaders don’t have a reliable way to plan for and improve their team’s skills.

Exploring the Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Society: The Work of Urvashi Aneja

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Aneja’s current research focuses on the societal impact of algorithmic decision-making systems in India, where she’s based, and platform governance. Aneja recently authored a study on the current uses of AI in India, reviewing use cases across sectors including policing and agriculture. At the same time, India had launched its Digital India mission and National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. What are some issues AI users should be aware of? Investors need to consider the entire life cycle of AI production — not just the outputs or outcomes of AI applications.

Exploring the Intersection of Women and AI: The Groundbreaking Work on AI and Intimacy by King’s College’s Kate Devlin

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We’ll publish several pieces throughout the year as the AI boom continues, highlighting key work that often goes unrecognized. Kate Devlin is a lecturer in AI and society at King’s College London. I guess it’s a two-pronged thing: we need more women in visible, top positions, and we need to tackle sexism in schools and beyond. What are some issues AI users should be aware of? Hold the companies responsible for considering things like human rights, labor, sustainability and social impact in their AI supply chain.

“Unlock the Power of Create Your Own Waterless Personal Care Experience with Tap Water”

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French startup wants to try something new. Instead of buying a new bottle of shower gel every time you need some shower gel, the startup focuses on the active ingredients. On your first order, you receive an empty, reusable plastic bottle with a pump. The next time you need more shower gel or shampoo, you only need a new stick (and some tap water). In addition to shampoo and shower gel, also sells foaming hand soap, dish soap, laundry and dishwasher tablets, as well as a few other products.