Simplifying Private AI Model Deployments with OctoStack: The Latest Solution from OctoAI

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In its early days, OctoAI focused almost exclusively on optimizing models to run more effectively. With the rise of generative AI, the team then launched the fully managed OctoAI platform to help its users serve and fine-tune existing models. OctoStack, at its core, is that OctoAI platform, but for private deployments. Deploying OctoStack should be straightforward for most enterprises, as OctoAI delivers the platform with read-to-go containers and their associated Helm charts for deployments. For developers, the API remains the same, no matter whether they are targeting the SaaS product or OctoAI in their private cloud.

Inflection Founders Selected to Lead Microsoft’s New Consumer Artificial Intelligence Sector

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Suleyman — also a co-founder of DeepMind, which Google bought in 2014 to bolster its own AI efforts — will run Microsoft’s newly formed consumer AI unit, called Microsoft AI, whereas Simonyan is joining the company as a chief scientist in the same new group. Mustafa, whose official title at Microsoft is EVP and CEO of Microsoft AI, will report to chief executive Nadella. “Several members of the Inflection team have chosen to join Mustafa and Karén at Microsoft,” Nadella wrote in a blog post. In a blog post, Inflection AI said that it will shift its focus to the AI studio business, where it builds and tests customer generative AI models. “This renewed emphasis on our API also comes with some important changes in the company,” wrote Inflection AI.

“Unveiling the Key Takeaways for African B2B E-commerce Startups from OmniRetail’s Successful Journey”

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Save for fintech and cleantech, B2B e-commerce and retail was the leading destination for venture capital dollars over the last five years. Most B2B e-commerce startups have struggled to keep subsidizing their products and expanding operations, leading to retreats, closures, downsizing and mergers. Building a B2B e-commerce business in tech winterB2B e-commerce platforms provide convenience to FMCG manufacturers like Unilever and P&G for distributing their products to the last mile. As a result, many B2B e-commerce startups have opted for asset-heavy models to reach their customer base. The Lagos-based B2B e-commerce startup is currently in the middle of securing a new round of equity and debt to propel its expansion.

“Unleash Your Moderation Power with Ozone: The Revolutionary Service by Bluesky”

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The company’s vision for moderation is a stackable ecosystem of services, which is why it will start allowing users to install filters from independent moderation services on top of what Bluesky already requires. For example, someone could create a moderation service that blocks images of spiders on the network. Bluesky says installing filters from independent moderation services will be as easy as following another account. People running moderation services will be able to set custom labels and determine what they do. Moderation services aren’t tied to individual accounts, so multiple people can manage them together.

Postgres Creator’s Novel Venture Fuses Database as Central Component in Software Architecture

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MIT professor Mike Stonebreaker has been at the forefront of database technology for over 50 years. Now 80, he knows a thing or two about database technology and launching companies. His latest project, DBOS, puts the database at the center of the software stack, reducing the operating system to a small kernel of low level functions. “The genesis of the project was OLTP (online transaction processing) database systems have gotten a lot faster in the last 15 years. And so the thesis was that they would be competitive as a new operating system stack,” he told TechCrunch.

Bluesky Empowers Users to Host Personal Servers through New Federation Opening

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Social network Bluesky, a competitor to X, Threads, Mastodon, and others, is opening up its doors with today’s news that the network is now opening up federation, following its public launch earlier this month. The move will allow anyone to run their own server that connects to Bluesky’s network, so they can host their own data, their own account and make their own rules. That sent some former Twitter users in search of alternatives that were more sustainable, like Mastodon and Bluesky. While this model is similar to Mastodon, Bluesky uses a newer social networking protocol, the AT Protocol, while Mastodon and many other networks today use ActivityPub. “After this initial phase, we’ll open up federation to people looking to run larger servers with many users,” it says.

Google Pay Expands QR Payment Offerings to Local Indian Merchants Following Successful Trial Period

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Google said Thursday it plans to roll out the SoundPod, its portable speaker designed to instantly validate and announce successful payments, to small merchants across India over the coming months. The Google Pay expansion in India, where the company is among the mobile payment market leaders, comes even as the firm winds down some of its payments apps in the U.S. The sound-box was invented to serve small Indian merchants unable to afford regular point-of-sale devices but accepting of UPI payments. The company said merchants who use SoundPod to process 400 payments in a month will get $1.5 in cashback. Reliance, India’s largest firm by market cap, also began testing a similar device at its campus last year, TechCrunch earlier reported.

“Effective Implementation of Generative AI in the Corporate World”

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Generative AI gets a lot of press, from image-generating tools like Midjourney to Runway to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. To be clear, the execs — who hail from such industries as manufacturing, transportation and industrial goods — still see GenAI as a priority. Eighty-nine percent responding to the BCG poll ranked the tech as a “top-three” IT initiative for their companies in 2024. The results, taken in tandem with responses to a BCG survey late last year, put into sharp relief the high degree of enterprise skepticism surrounding AI-powered generative tools of any kind. “Bad or illegal decision-making” touches on copyright violations — a hot-button topic in GenAI.

“Maximizing Start-Up Success: 5 Key Strategies for Effective LLM Deployment”

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In fact, an April 2023 Arize survey found that 53% of respondents planned to deploy LLMs within the next year or sooner. The H100 GPU from Nvidia, a popular choice for LLMs, has been selling on the secondary market for about $40,000 per chip. One source estimated it would take roughly 6,000 chips to train an LLM comparable to ChatGPT-3.5. That source estimated that the power consumption to run ChatGPT-3.5 is about 1 GWh a day, or the combined daily energy usage of 33,000 households. Power consumption can also be a potential pitfall for user experience when running LLMs on portable devices.

20,000 E-Scooters To Be Auctioned by Superpedestrian Following Shutdown

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More than 20,000 electric scooters belonging to Superpedestrian will be auctioned off later this month, along with other equipment from the startup’s U.S. operations, after closing its doors December 31. Two “global online auction” listings have appeared on the website of Silicon Valley Disposition, an online market for “surplus assets,” which will feature scooters and other paraphernalia from cities Superpedestrian operated in, like Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City. The first auction opens January 23, and will run for three days. A successive auction is set to run from January 29-January 31. Though it raised $125 million less than two years ago, the company struggled financially in 2023 as it operated its shared scooter fleets in dozens of cities around the globe.