Texas Crash Fatality Occurred While Ford’s BlueCruise System Was Engaged

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The driver of a Mustang Mach-E who crashed into a stationary car in Texas in February was using Ford’s hands-free driver assistance system, BlueCruise, according to data obtained by the National Transportation Safety Board. It’s the first known fatality resulting from a crash involving the use of BlueCruise, which Ford first announced in 2021. The NTSB’s announcement that BlueCruise was active during the Texas crash comes just one day after the safety board announced it’s probing a second fatal crash near Philadelphia where Ford’s driver assistance system may have been active. The NTSB released on Thursday what’s known as a preliminary report, and is still investigating the crash. NHTSA is also probing the Texas crash, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Instagram’s Latest Teen Safety Measure: Nudity in DMs will be Automatically Blurred by Meta

Meta has announced it’s testing new features on Instagram intended to help safeguard young people from unwanted nudity or sextortion scams. This includes a feature called Nudity Protection in DMs, which automatically blurs images detected as containing nudity. Nudity screensNudity Protection in DMs aims to protect teen Instagram users from cyberflashing by putting nude images behind a safety screen. But Meta is taking a further step of not showing the “Message” button on a teen’s profile to potential sextortion accounts, i.e. For example, in July 2021 Meta switched to defaulting young people’s Instagram accounts to private just ahead of the UK compliance deadline.

USA and European Union Pledge to Strengthen AI Safety and Risk Investigation Efforts

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The main development out of the sixth TTC meeting appears to be a commitment from EU and US AI oversight bodies, the European AI Office and the US AI Safety Institute, to set up what’s couched as “a Dialogue”. The aim is fostering a deeper collaboration between the AI institutions, with a particular focus on encouraging the sharing of scientific information among respective AI research ecosystems. “Working groups jointly staffed by United States science agencies and European Commission departments and agencies have achieved substantial progress by defining critical milestones for deliverables in the areas of extreme weather, energy, emergency response, and reconstruction. We are also making constructive progress in health and agriculture.”In addition, an overview document on the collaboration around AI for the public good was published Friday. The joint statement refers to 2024 as “a Pivotal Year for Democratic Resilience”, on account of the number of elections being held around the world.

X cautions about potential loss of followers due to another bot sweep

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X warns that you might lose followers as it does another bot sweepX is warning users they may see a reduction in their follower counts as the company attempts to clear the network of some spammers and bots in a large sweep. Today, we're kicking off a significant, proactive initiative to eliminate accounts that violate our Rules against platform manipulation and spam. While we aim for accuracy in the accounts we remove, we're casting a wide net to ensure X remains secure and free of bots. But these days, Musk is touting how X is seeing record traffic, without clarifying if his own numbers include bots and spam. X also shared a link to a form where users inadvertently affected by the bot sweep could appeal.

Can India Tackle Election Misinformation? Analyzing Labels and the AI Safety Coalition within its Borders

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India, grappling with election misinfo, weighs up labels and its own AI safety coalition An Adobe-backed association wants to help organizations in the country with an AI standardIndia, long in the tooth when it comes to co-opting tech to persuade the public, has become a global hotspot when it comes to how AI is being used, and abused, in political discourse, and specifically the democratic process. Tech companies, who built the tools in the first place, are making trips to the country to push solutions. Using its open standard, the C2PA has developed a digital nutrition label for content called Content Credentials. It also automatically attaches to AI content generated by Adobe’s AI model Firefly. “That’s a little ‘CR’… it’s two western letters like most Adobe tools, but this indicates there’s more context to be shown,” he said.

Collaborative Efforts of EU and US to Address AI Safety, Standards, and Research Initiatives

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“Through the AI Act and through the [AI safety- and security-focused] Executive Order — which is to mitigate the risks of AI technologies while supporting their uptake in our economies.”Earlier this week the US and the UK signed a partnership agreement on AI safety. Wider information-sharing is envisaged under the US-UK agreement — about “capabilities and risks” associated with AI models and systems, and on “fundamental technical research on AI safety and security”. It also announced a plan to spend £100M on an AI safety taskforce which it said would be focused on so-called foundational AI models. At the UK AI Summit last November, Raimondo announced the creation of a US AI safety institute on the heels of the US Executive Order on AI. Neither the US nor the UK have proposed comprehensive legislation on AI safety, as yet — with the EU remaining ahead of the pack when it comes to legislating on AI safety.

“Amid a Wave of Safety Incidents, Boeing CEO to Depart Company by Year’s End”

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Boeing CEO to leave company by year-end, after a wave of safety incidentsBoeing’s chief executive Dave Calhoun will leave the plane-maker by the end of 2024, according to the company. Boeing operates an innovation acceleration programme aimed at startup’s called Aerospace Xelerated, formerly known as the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI). It is also surrounding by a large ecosystem of aerospace startups that engage with the company. TechCrunch has reached out to Aerospace Xelerated for comment. In a company statement, Calhoun said he planned to “complete the critical work underway to stabilize and position the company for the future” over the coming months.

Texas Being Restricting From Pornhub Over Age Verification Legislation

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Texas residents can no longer access Pornhub — without a VPN. As of Thursday, when people in Texas try to access any of the porn sites owned by Aylo, formerly MindGeek, they’ll instead see a long message in opposition to age verification laws. Laws requiring age verification on adult entertainment sites have already gone into effect in states including Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Utah, Montana and North Carolina. “Since age verification software requires users to hand over extremely sensitive information, it opens the door for the risk of data breaches,” Pornhub wrote on its blog. At first, Pornhub complied with age verification via the state-run LA Wallet app, which connects to a Louisiana resident’s ID.

Italian Authorities Fine TikTok Following Investigation into Consumer Safety of ‘French Scar’ Trend

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Italy’s competition and consumer authority, the AGCM, has fined TikTok €10 million (almost $11M) following a probe into algorithmic safety concerns. Moreover, this content is systematically re-proposed to users as a result of their algorithmic profiling, stimulating an ever-increasing use of the social network,” the AGCM wrote. The authority said its investigation confirmed TikTok’s responsibility in disseminating content “likely to threaten the psycho-physical safety of users, especially if minor and vulnerable”, such as videos related to the “French scar” challenge. One notable change as a result of the DSA is TikTok offering users non-profiling based feeds. TikTok also faces the possibility of increasing regulation by Member State level agencies applying the bloc’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive.