USA and European Union Pledge to Strengthen AI Safety and Risk Investigation Efforts

The main development out of the sixth TTC meeting appears to be a commitment from EU and US AI oversight bodies, the European AI Office and the US AI Safety Institute, to set up what’s couched as “a Dialogue”. The aim is fostering a deeper collaboration between the AI institutions, with a particular focus on encouraging the sharing of scientific information among respective AI research ecosystems. “Working groups jointly staffed by United States science agencies and European Commission departments and agencies have achieved substantial progress by defining critical milestones for deliverables in the areas of extreme weather, energy, emergency response, and reconstruction. We are also making constructive progress in health and agriculture.”In addition, an overview document on the collaboration around AI for the public good was published Friday. The joint statement refers to 2024 as “a Pivotal Year for Democratic Resilience”, on account of the number of elections being held around the world.

The European Union and United States have issued a joint statement outlining their shared desire for increased collaboration on a range of tech issues including artificial intelligence, digital identities, and platform governance.

The statement, which was released on Friday, comes as the result of the sixth meeting of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC), a body that was established in 2021 to repair transatlantic relations that were strained during the Trump presidency.

“Given the possibility of Donald Trump being returned to the White House, with US presidential elections taking place later this year, it’s not clear how much EU-US cooperation on AI or any other strategic tech area will actually happen in the coming years.”

Despite this uncertainty, the statement shows that there is a strong mutual desire for closer alignment on a number of key tech issues. It also serves as a message to voters on both sides to opt for a collaborative approach rather than a destructive one.

An AI Dialogue

The statement specifically highlights AI as a key area of focus, stating that the EU and US are committed to a risk-based approach to AI and advancing safe, secure, and trustworthy AI technologies.

“We encourage advanced AI developers in the United States and Europe to further the application of the Hiroshima Process International Code of Conduct for Organisations Developing Advanced AI Systems which complements our respective governance and regulatory systems.”

As a result of the sixth TTC meeting, the EU and US have agreed to establish a “Dialogue” between their respective AI oversight bodies, the European AI Office and the US AI Safety Institute. The aim of this collaboration is to promote deeper cooperation and the sharing of scientific information within their respective AI research ecosystems.

Topics of focus for this dialogue include benchmarks, potential risks, and future technological trends.

“This cooperation will contribute to making progress with the implementation of the Joint Roadmap on Evaluation and Measurement Tools for Trustworthy AI and Risk Management,” the statement reads. “It is essential to minimize divergence, as appropriate, in our respective emerging AI governance and regulatory systems, and to cooperate on interoperable and international standards.”

The statement also highlights the importance of agreeing on standard definitions for key AI terms in order to support work towards AI standardization.

Another key area of collaboration is driving research that applies machine learning technologies to beneficial use-cases such as advancing healthcare outcomes, boosting agriculture, and addressing climate change. The statement emphasizes a focus on sustainable development and bringing AI advancements to developing countries and the global south.

The EU and US also plan to expand their AI collaboration efforts by involving more global partners, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany, in their AI for Development Donor Partnership. This initiative aims to support education, entrepreneurship, and societal harnessing of AI in Africa.

Platform Governance and Information Integrity

Additionally, the joint statement addresses the importance of protecting information integrity on platforms, particularly in light of the upcoming 2024 elections. The EU and US warn against the threat of AI-generated misinformation and the potential for foreign interference.

“We share the concern that malign use of AI applications, such as the creation of harmful ‘deepfakes,’ poses new risks, including to further the spread and targeting of foreign information manipulation and interference,” the statement reads.

The two sides also call for platforms to do more to support researchers’ access to data for studying societal risks, which is a legal requirement for larger platforms under the EU’s Digital Services Act.

E-Identity and Other Areas of Cooperation

The European Union and United States are also collaborating on developing standards for digital identities, with a focus on enabling the cross-border use of these identities and wallets.

The joint statement also covers cooperation on areas such as clean energy, quantum technology, and the development of 6G networks.

  • The EU and US are committed to working together to promote clean energy and reduce carbon emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • They are also collaborating on quantum technology, which has the potential to bring significant advancements in computing and data processing.
  • Finally, the two sides are exploring ways to work together on the development of 6G networks, which will bring even faster and more reliable connectivity to users.

The joint statement concludes by stating, “We look forward to continuing to deepen the relationship between the EU and US in these areas and to expanding our collaboration with international partners. Together, we can harness the power of technology for the betterment of all.” This serves as a reminder of the importance of cooperation and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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