Cloud-Based Ops Unlocking a New Era of Healthcare for Small Offices in Latin America with HealthAtom

HealthAtom, a cloud-based operations system for small and midsize healthcare companies in Latin America since 2012, announces $10 million in fresh capital.

HealthAtom’s medilink and dentalink software helps clinics easily manage their operations. From creating schedules to handling electronic health records, inventory, payroll, budgeting breakdowns and regulatory filings – the suites simplify it all. Plus they offer telehealth capabilities for patients to access records on a mobile device.

After a consultation, Provider shares info on their operations and needs/wants with HealthAtom. Then, the two create an effective plan to transfer data to the cloud platform while following all local regulations. In just 3 hours, clinics can be up and running on the system!

HealthAtom has close to 6,500 clients across 20 countries and 50,000 doctors/dentists using their services. These operations process over 42 million appointments annually, with monthly fees ranging from $20-$20k depending on size/local regulations. Main areas of operation are Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

“We’re the point of sale pressure,” said Roberto León, co-founder and CEO in an interview with TechGround. “Our tool could go beyond SaaS to become a tech solution that integrates the whole ecosystem for greater transparency in health processes.”

McKinsey Global Institute’s report indicates that digital adoption in LatAm healthcare has favored larger hospitals, leaving small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) behind. The available solutions are often out of reach for SMBs, lacking the features necessary to meet clinic needs. HealthAtom is working to be the solution by providing a one-stop shop for SMB clinics to run their operations smoothly.

Image credits go to HealthAtom.

Co-founder and CPO Daniel Guajardo noted the importance of regulation, compliance, and country-to-country variations when it comes to how things are signed, information is stored, and health data is recorded. This has helped them create a regionalized product while bootstrapping for 10 years.

HealthAtom, backed by a $10 million Series A led by Kayyak Ventures and investors FJ Labs, Soma, Amador, Taram and others was announced.

This round’s funds will enable the incorporation of embedded payments in its software, partnerships with insurance companies, and a loan program for patients.

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