EcoFlows Autonomous Lineup: Lawnmower, AC and Fridge All Included!

At CES, the company launches battery backup, a lawnmower, a portable A/C and a portable fridge

At its launch event today, EcoFlow unveiled a comprehensive home backup power solution as well as battery-powered fridge and air conditioning unit – perfect for preppers looking to have pristine lawns during the apocalypse.

At CES in Las Vegas, a company spokesperson revealed plans to release full-house battery backup power solutions along with more portable and RV-focused versions. No details were disclosed on what the new products will be or when they’ll be available, but it’s sure to be an exciting launch later this year!

Power backup

EcoFlow offers a Whole-home Backup Power Solution to keep your home running without noisy, gas-guzzling generators. Choose from three different kits scaled according to need, complete with our high-end Delta Pro portable power station.

At CES 2023, EcoFlow is proud to present its innovative Whole-home Backup Power Solution and new smart devices. According to Brian Essenmacher, Head of Business Development at the company’s press event: “The pandemic has been life-altering, electricity bills are rising, and extreme weather continues – creating an unstable energy situation. That’s why EcoFlow is offering power that’s easier than ever – saving users time and money while helping them make the most of life in their homes as well as outdoors or on the go!”

The Advanced Kit’s Double Voltage Hub connects two Delta Pro units to create a 7,200W output. That’ll handle any device you need in the house. With careful power management, the company says this is enough to keep an average home running for up to a week. For those who want extended off-grid capability, hookup with a dual-fuel generator (propane or gas) and expand your independence from the grid!

EcoFlow Wave 2: portable air conditioner and heater

EcoFlow Wave 2 is a powerful and reliable power station that provides clean energy for your home or business. It has an advanced battery system, built-in solar panels, and multiple ports to charge devices quickly. With its portability and easy setup,

The EcoFlow Wave 2 is a portable, battery-powered unit that won’t blow you away with its cooling or heating capabilities, but it’s still a welcome addition. Equipped with an add-on battery for up to 8 hours of running time and weighing just 14 kg (33 lbs), portability isn’t an issue either.

This heating/cooling unit offers 5,100 BTUs of cooling and 6,100 BTUs of heating – comparable to an entry-level window AC. Perfect for cooling or warming a room or small area like an RV (provided it’s well insulated).

EcoFlow Glacier: portable fridge with ice maker

EcoFlow’s battery-powered fridge with built-in ice maker offers outdoor adventurers the perfect RV or beachside companion. Image credit: Haje Kamps / TechGround

A margarita is a must for the end of days, and EcoFlow’s Glacier has you covered. With a high-capacity ice maker producing 18 cubes every 4 hours and the ability to run for 24 hours on one charge or even solar power, your party will never stop.

This fridge has a 297Wh battery and multiple energy-saving features to maximize its cooling capabilities.

EcoFlow Blade: the robotic lawn mower

EcoFlow’s autonomous lawnmower combines the look of a remote-controlled car with the reliability of a traditional trimmer. Image credit: Haje Kamps / TechGround

EcoFlow’s messaging has focused on disaster response, power outages and RVing – plus the lawnmower is app-controlled with automatic leaf collection, virtual boundary navigation and other robotic features.

Products will be available in April; pricing TBA.

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