AnkerWork is Taking the Wireless Mic Market by Storm!

This week at CES in Las Vegas, AnkerWork unveiled the M650 Wireless Microphone: a two-microphone kit that can be clipped or magnetically attached to your clothing – perfect for video interviews or boosting audio quality on Zoom calls.

This all-in-one package features two high-quality mics, a USB-C or Lightning receiver, and a stylish replaceable cover. Enjoy up to 15 hours of battery life and rapid 90 minute recharge times.

The LCD display of the receiver makes setup and use a breeze. Image Credit: AnkerWork

This receiver features a high-resolution LCD touchscreen for easy volume adjustment and real-time monitoring of recording levels. It also offers internal storage to store up to seven hours of uncompressed audio.

The AnkerWork M650 will be available in March both on and in stores for $249, a bargain compared to the DJI version of its comparable kit that we reviewed last year which is $70 more.

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