Nuwa Introduces Revolutionary Smart Pen Technology!

Nuwa has brilliantly transformed the pen into something smart, as showcased at CES in Las Vegas. Their elegant solution is sure to be a success!

The smart pen digitizes your ink scribbles with three integrated cameras, motion and pressure-sensing electronics. Its accompanying app stores notes securely plus makes handwriting searchable. Plus, it writes on any paper – journals, notebooks or post-its!

The pen proved to be an amazing tool, quickly and effortlessly recording written material. Searching for “dinner” in the app and locating the note of when and where you’ll have your evening meal felt like something out of a magical world!

“At Nuwa Pen, we understand that handwriting is a deeply personal form of thinking, so it’s vital that ink only be processed on-device,” remarks Marc Tuinier, co-founder of the company. “That’s why our end-to-end encryption solution for digital handwriting guarantees your thoughts remain secure from the moment you start writing.”

This Dutch hardware startup is taking a refreshing approach: they support industry-standard D1 ink cartridges, which you can get in most stationery stores or online for just $12 (4 cartridges).

The pen’s case charges it in 15 minutes, giving you two hours of writing time. Take a break after that and recharge for another round!

The Nuwa Pen app lets you access your notes whenever you need them. Upgrade to the Nuwa Pen+ subscription (€2,99/month) and get your handwritten notes automatically converted to typed text.

I’m glued to my phone, so I can’t imagine using the Nuwa pen. It costs $280 but for just $10 more you could get a ReMarkable 2 tablet and pen or Amazon’s Kindle Scribe with stylus. So it really depends how much writing you do or if you prefer hand-writing to typing on a tablet.

The Nuwa Pen is coming in August 2023 – pre-order now for $179 or wait and get it for $279. Choose from Ebony (black) or Ivory (white).

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