On-the-Go Blending: Introducing the Convenient and Innovative BlenderCap Portable Blender!

At CES in Las Vegas, we got a closer look at BlenderCap: an absurdly powerful device with battery tech rarely seen in consumer products and a half-horsepower motor. We chatted with the team behind it to learn more.

Why do we need a portable blender? Let’s explore the benefits!

Dakota Adams, co-founder of the company, explains their invention was initially made for personal use: “I wanted a protein shake after CrossFit but it would melt and get lumpy. So Matthew [Moore] and I came up with an idea to put a blender onto Hydroflask-style bottles – packing all that tech into one tiny cap!”

A year ago, the duo left Apple to make their BlenderCap dream come true. During that time they had been constructing a battery factory in China while also working on the blender. The result was an impressive and powerful blender.

Showcasing its custom PCB and batteries soldered to the board, check out BlendCap Kit! Image credit: TechGround / Haje Kamps

“Adams laughs, saying that you can make ten margarita smoothies with a single charge! We’ve even tested it out with a Costco bag of ice and filled an entire five-gallon Home Depot bucket. That means longer lasting power – just charge once every week or two!”

Battery tech is the company’s specialty, and its custom-made batteries are beginning to appear in new electric vehicles.

This blender cap weighs about a pound and has just one button. Press and hold to blend, or double-click for 25 seconds. With USB-C charging plus the same thread pattern as Hydroflask, it fits many existing thermos bottles people already own.

“Our kit includes a 32-ounce, dual wall stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle that’s dishwasher safe. Plus, it comes with the BlenderCap and blade cover for transforming the wide-mouth bottle into a smoothie mouth. It charges over USB-C and is available for just $129,” said co-founder Matthew Moore.

The company has yet to offer the blender cap as a standalone item, citing an effort to maintain product numbers.

This is where the electricity, aka ‘magic sauce’, is stored. Image Credit: TechCrunch / Haje Kamps

Moore states that in the future, they plan to offer a variety of sizes and kit options for their product. To simplify launch, they are currently offering only one 32-ounce bottle size based on initial customer feedback.

Pre-orders opened January 4 and shipping begins late next month – the products are already manufactured, just the logistics of getting them to you need to be sorted.

Their own factory

Cruz has an atypical factory that manufactures the BlenderCap.

Adams enthuses about their Shanghai factory space, saying “We own all the equipment and robots and designed the entire assembly line. It’s crazy – we have more robots than people putting this together – glue dispensing robots, automatic screw guns…It’s beautiful! Aspirational even. We’re thrilled to have our very own dedicated factory.”

The company is launching with 6,000 BlenderCaps and ramping up production to sustain demand.

Custom everything? Why not! Image Credit: TechGround/Haje Kamps

The company claims it will be profitable from day one and is exploring what the next generation of products might look like. When asked, they remain tight-lipped about their plans.

Adams laughs as he reveals, “We’re excited to build an ecosystem around what we have and create more consumer products. Over the last decade, many DTG+ brands just repackaged Chinese commodity items in plastic cases – not something we want to do. We’ve embraced Apple’s philosophy of crafting quality products with minimalist design and high-end materials for our upcoming range.”

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