Revolutionary Tech and Features in the Ram 1500 EV Truck

At CES 2023, Stellantis unveiled its answer to the competitive battery-electric truck market: a tech-packed pickup with broad shoulders and an extended cabin featuring third row jump seats, cup holders in the front trunk – plus a movie projector!

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept offers a glimpse of what’s to come: Stellantis plans to launch the production version later this year. This model will compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevy Silverado EV for dominance in the electric truck market.

This full-size EV boasts a body-on-frame architecture that integrates the battery pack, underbody aero panels, and an active diffuser for improved aerodynamics. Two electric drive modules power all four wheels while rear axle steering allows up to 15 degrees of turn.

Ram kept mum on key EV specs like range and battery-pack size, but did note that the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept can add 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes with 800-volt DC fast charging at 350 kW. This suggests a production version will feature an 800-volt electric architecture for rapid recharging.

The Ram 1500 Revolution offers plenty of features, tech, and a new design language. Here’s what really stands out.

New face, Saloon doors

Ram Revolution battery electric truck

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

The Ram Revolution offers an exciting exterior design, featuring a new “face” with modern badging and LED tuning fork headlight animation.

The lack of a B pillar creates an impressive saloon-style door opening, making the interior seem even more expansive. In fact, Ram’s diesel trucks are four inches longer than its gas-powered counterparts – this is emphasized by the grand doors.

Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-electric Vehicle Concept

Image courtesy of Stellantis.

3D-printed sideview mirrors

Ram battery electric truck

Image credit: Kirsten Korosec

The Ram truck’s sideview mirrors are smaller than usual, helping to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics. They use a digital camera and 3D-printed parts for an even more advanced design.

This truck concept is equipped with a backup camera and rearview mirror connected to biometric cameras that monitor the truck’s surroundings.

Mobile movie projector

The truck is equipped with multiple projectors – not only to communicate info but also to transform it into a mobile movie theater.

Electro-chromatic roof

Ram Revolution battery electric concept truck

Image credit: Kirsten Korosec

The Ram Revolution concept features a full glass roof with electro-chromatic panels and integrated roof rails. Inside the cab, occupants can use the overhead console to adjust ambient lighting.

Ram vehicles offer a tactile swiping technology that allows drivers to adjust the opaqueness of sun visors and electro-chromatic roofs.

Personal assistant

Ram Revolution is equipped with a personal assistant – a 3D Ram avatar. This virtual face of the vehicle responds to voice commands from users, allowing them to take control.

The personal assistant has a neat feature: it can respond to commands even when the owner is outside of the vehicle. They can command it to close windows, play music, take pictures, and use Shadow Mode to “follow me”.

Shadow Mode

Ram battery electric truck

Photo by Kirsten Korosec.

Adjustable and removable lower display

Ram battery electric truck

Image: Kirsten Korosec

Two 14.2″ displays can be united to create an expansive viewing area.

Jump seats

ram revolution BEV concept jump seats

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Maximize your passenger capacity with third-row jump seats – perfect for a spacious interior.

The jump seats, which can seat six when folded out, are mounted to the mid-gate with a detachable lower section — perfect for those times you need more passengers in your truck cab!

This interior layout is flexible, allowing users to easily reconfigure seating and remove the center console.

Ram Revolution battery electric truck

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

Frunk hole

Ram Revolution battery electric truck

A hole between the driver and passenger seats permits items to enter the frunk.

This hole is narrow, suitable for metal or PVC piping, skis, or other such items.

Can’t tell if an item will fit in your vehicle? The app can help! It has a barcode scanner or augmented reality camera to measure objects. Plus, projectors display guides on how best to arrange items in the car. Try it out today!

Frunk cup holders

Regrettably, I couldn’t check out the frunk’s contents. But if you lift its one-touch hood, you’ll find cup holders—perfect for tailgating!

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