Experience Twitters Dual-Timeline View on the Web – For You & Following

Twitter is rolling out an update to its web interface, displaying both algorithmic and chronological timelines side-by-side – the same as their iOS app.

This week, the company changed “Home” (algorithmic timeline) to “For You” and “Latest” (chronological timeline) to “Following”. Both iOS app and web now display “For You” as the first timeline.

Swiping between timelines on a phone and clicking the timeline tabs on the web—Twitter remembers user choices, so when they return, their earlier selection is still visible.

Twitter announced that the algorithmic timeline view is coming to Android soon, giving everyone access.

Now it’s easy to switch between “For you” and “Following” on web; Android coming soon!

We know you rely on Twitter to stay connected, so we’re always working hard to make sure our service is fast and reliable. We’re committed to keeping Twitter up and running smoothly for everyone. #StayConnected

The new web view of Twitter makes it much simpler to switch between lists with its improved interface – no more tedious navigation through More > Lists.

Image credits go to TechGround.

On Friday, third-party Twitter clients encountered major issues with users unable to access content or log in. Developers attempted to reach out to Twitter but received no response. As of now, the problem remains unsolved.

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