Mindtera Keeps Companies in Jakarta Informed About Employee Morale

Tita Ardiati and Bayu Puspito Bhaskoro saw the need for employee assistance during the pandemic, so they created Mindtera – a successful life coaching program. It has grown significantly in popularity, now serving over 10,000 employees in Indonesia.

Today, the startup secured $850,000 in seed funding led by East Ventures with co-investment from Seedstars International Ventures and angel investors.

Bhaskoro explained to TechGround that the startup is geared towards B2B markets, including mid- and large enterprises. It also offers an easy-to-use self-service platform for small to medium businesses. Primary sectors include finance, consulting, and retail with typical clients boasting over 200 employees.

Mindtera helps employees tackle work and personal challenges like finances, family, and relationships while providing companies with insights into employee needs to create an engaged and productive workforce.

Mindtera offers two platforms: Mindtera Pro, an analytics dashboard and app with assessment tools to collect employee feedback for insights into workplace well-being and engagement; surveys are available for employees to provide anonymous or named suggestions, criticism, and opinions about their work & employer.

Mindtera Plus connects companies to certified coaching and development consultants for ongoing management and workplace culture support. Employers can subscribe to Mindtera Plus for a customized action plan, or work with consultants on demand. Programs are tailored by internal consultants, external certified professionals, and curated partners; monthly/quarterly progress reports provided.

Bhaskoro states that Mindtera’s main competitors are external EAPs and traditional workforce consulting agencies. To differentiate itself, Mindtera provides employers with real-time employee engagement monitoring instead of delayed reports. Additionally, the Pro version offers employers greater visibility into spending on activities and vendors/platforms for boosting productivity and performance.

Mindtera aims to become Indonesia’s top employee assistance program platform by leveraging its B2B platform with new funding.

Patricia Sosrodjojo, General Partner of Seedstars International Ventures, said of the funding: “Mindtera is leading the charge towards crucial changes in HR and has rapidly grown their presence in Indonesia. Despite greater recognition that mental health is a key part of successful businesses, there’s still much work to be done.”

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