Women-Founded Startups: VC Funding Reaches Lowest Point Since 2021

As the number of female founders in the startup space continues to grow, it is important that this gender diversity is reflected on all levels of a company’s leadership. With increased visibility and representation, companies with all-female teams are able to tap into a wealth of expertise and innovation not only in terms of technology, but also business strategy and market understanding. These insights can be invaluable as they work to build a better future for themselves and their customers.

Interestingly, the percentage of all-women teams funded has slowly been declining since its high point in 2021. This could be a result of the current economic climate—the bear market and subsequent recession—or it could be an indication that female-led startups are not as popular with investors as they once were.

Despite the increased success of all-women teams when mixed with at least one woman founder, it remains important for industries and startups to focus on female-led teams. All-female teams are more likely to achieve initial product/market fit, navigate complex business challenges and have a higher chance of company success than male-led teams. The augmentation in funds raised by all-women teams confirms the importance of female representation in business endeavors, setting an example for other businesses striving to excel.

Despite efforts by executives to diversify their ranks, women in the tech industry continue to fare poorly. In 2017, women held only 27% of managerial positions within tech companies, and they are paid only 72% of what men are paid in the same position. This lack of progress is frustrating many people working within the industry, including Ruth Foxe Blader at Anthemis Group. “When the economy tanks,” she told TechGround,”discrimination feels justified.” Managers double-down on what they perceive as “safe” and “boring” investments – investing in women is still perceived as high-risk. If we want to change this industry, LPs need to look beyond manager diversity and into their investment portfolios. Implementing diversity programs that focus on hiring qualified candidates regardless of gender will go a long way towards improving opportunities for all workers in the tech industry

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