Shadow Acquires Android Emulator Genymobile to Expand Platform Offerings

Some speculate that the acquisition is part of Shadow’s intent to build out a more comprehensive cloud computing service. Little else is known about the future plans for Genymobile or how it will be integrated into Shadow’s fold, but this move could signal that Shadow is serious about becoming a player in the mobile app development market.

Genymobile may not be the name you typically think of when it comes to high-end Android development, but their emulator is a huge help for developers looking to test out their apps on different configurations and scenarios. Plus, its popularity means that it’s likely you know or use one of Genymobile’s products

Genymobile’s new CEO, Arnaud Dupuis, is hoping to help the company re-assure investors and customers that it remains committed to its mission of developingadvanced mobile technology. By keeping Dupuis in charge and letting Tim Danford move back into an advisor role, Genymobile is signaling that it has a plan in place for the future.

Mobile phone company Shadow has announced it has acquired Genymobile, a company that specializes in building cellular networks. With this acquisition, Shadow gains access to the expertise and technology Genymobile has developed over the past year, which will be put to use in developing Shadow’s own cellular network. This development signals continued growth for Shadow as it strives to become a leading player in the mobile industry.

With Genymotion, businesses can access Android devices for Android development without having to purchase or maintain any physical devices. The hosted version of the emulator is incredibly convenient, letting businesses work with their apps from anywhere in the world without having to worry about satellite connectivity or datacenter infrastructure.

Genymotion is a great way for enterprise clients to run Android virtual devices on their preferred cloud platform. With Genymotion, enterprise clients can easily create and manage Android virtual devices on the cloud, allowing them to test applications and environments before deploying them onto physical devices.

Genymotion is a great tool for automated testing and continuous integration. It lets you run your app on a device, simulating user behavior, so that you can find and fix bugs before they leak into production. Moving your apps to the cloud means that you can use Genymotion for automated testing even more easily – every time you create a new build on GitHub or CircleCI, it will automatically kick off some tests on Genymotion to make sure that the new version doesn’t break anything.

One of the advantages of using Genymotion to reproduce bugs on specific devices is that it can be used to identify issues specific to a given region or device. This can be especially useful for quality assurance teams, as it allows them to identify potential problems with produc

Shadow’s business service for cloud computing could be helpful for companies that need powerful GPUs, such as gaming studios and 3D animation companies.

Android devices offer a great deal of flexibility and customization options, making them an ideal choice for many businesses. With Shadow’s new acquisition, businesses now have another option to take advantage of these features — Genymobile’s cloud-based platform designed specifically for Android devices. This allows businesses to have access to a wide range of apps and content without having to worry about the hardware they’re using.

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