Google TV Offers Dedicated Destinations for Movies, Shows, Family & Español

The launch of the new content pages in Google TV’s U.S. interface gives users quicker access to family-friendly titles, movies, TV shows and Spanish-language entertainment. This makes it easier for users to find content they’re interested in without having to navigate between different apps.

Chromecast has been updated with a new interface that is available on Google TV and other devices like Hisense, Philips, Sony, and TG+L. The updated interface includes easier access to content filtering and the ability to share content between Chromecast users.

The pages will include a list of all the channels that are available on the user’s streaming service, as well as descriptions of each show. This makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and saves them time since they don’t have to search through different apps.

Google is continuing to focus on expanding its offerings for families by launching a new Family page featuring content ratings of PG or lower. This page allows users to instantly access Spanish-language TV shows, live TV programming telenovelas, and movies. This comes a few months after Google introduced various kids-focused features, including parent-controlled watchlists and AI-powered recommendations for children.

The new Google TV interface provides enhanced search and personalized recommendations, as well as easy access to favorites and new releases. The Family tab introduces a new page that allows users to track their family’s favorite movies and shows, while the Movies and Shows pages provide a more comprehensive list of titles.

The update to the Google TV home screen was designed to make it easier for viewers to find information they need, including profiles and search. The quick settings button was relocated to the top right corner of the home screen, making it easier for viewers to control their television’s settings with one hand. The company also updated navigation so that users can more easily find specific information on the home screen.

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