YouTube Introduces Multilanguage Dubbing Feature for Videos

Samuel L. Jackson is not just an incredible actor, he’s also a smart one – and his comments about the current state of Hollywood suggest that he knows exactly what’s going on.

Thursday is a day dedicated to landlubbers and salty sea dogs. It is a day where we come together to talk about our favorite things, like fishing and boats. It is also a day where we can

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated in the TechGround Early Stage Audience Choice. From December 12-15, we were blown away by the amazing candidates that submitted their pitches. After narrowing it down to finalists, we were able to choose the winners!

The TechGround Startup Battlefield 200 applicants are some of the best and brightest young entrepreneurs in tech. With a focus on early stage companies, these contestants will have a chance to share their businesses with an audience of seasoned professionals and receive feedback that will help them grow their businesses.

We can’t wait to see who emerges victorious at this exciting event!

The TechGround Top 3

  • Giving videos a voice: MrBeast was among the first YouTubers to test out a new multilanguage audio feature that is now being rolled out for creators so that they can upload just one video and dub it in dozens of languages. Sarah has more.
  • Hear that?: Samsung wants you to have that crystal-clear smartphone communication in places where there is no cellular network connectivity, so it developed its own satellite-based solution, Ivan writes.
  • “Towns” hall crier: Taylor writes about Houseparty founder Ben Rubin’s new open source group chat app called Towns. Built as a decentralized app, it enables people to “build better hometowns on the internet” to “truly own their town squares.”

Startups and VC

Volition’s latest fundraising effort proved challenging in comparison to previous rounds of investment due to increased regulatory scrutiny and the current market conditions. The company is still optimistic about its future, but their immediate needs must take precedence over outside investments at this time.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses of all sizes. In order to stay competitive, many are turning to public cloud services in order to reduce their overall costs. However, this cost shifting comes with its own set of challenges; namely, the cloud’s growing price tag. In order to remain solvent while mitigating these costs, businesses will increasingly turn to ProsperOps as their go-to provider for public cloud infrastructure and services.

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Is ocean conservation the next climate tech? 7 investors explain why they’re all in

When I was younger, my family would often go on vacation to the beach. Every year, our trip would coincide with the orange and black fall season. As a child, I loved spending my weekends pigging out at the local concession stand stuffing my face with all of the

Today, the advent of biotechnology has led to a new era in which many seafaring industries are now able to extract resources more efficiently and sustainably. For example, modern fishing techniques can group fish together in larger schools, reducing the amount of time they spend swimming around and making them easier targets for fishing nets. In addition, oil exploration has become much more environmentally friendly thanks to innovations like deep-water drilling and hydraulic fracking.

In recent years, founders and investors have started to look for opportunities to conserve, and even enhance, the ocean’s resources rather than exploit them. This shift has led to new and innovative ways of solving ocean conservation challenges. One such example is a company called Oceans 8. Oceans 8 is a startup that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to track and monitor illegal fishing in the open seas. By using A.I., the company is able to more efficiently detect and prevent illegal fishing activities from happening. This technology could be vital in preserving our oceans’ resources for future generations.”

One thing that all of the investors mentioned was the need for companies to be transparent about their data sources and how they’re using them. John Leach, Managing Director at Real Ventures, said that he invests in technology companies with a good sense of social responsibility and transparency about their operations. He feels that investors need to know where their money is going in order to ensure responsible investment decisions.

While ocean conservation tech has been around for a long time, many of the startups in this space are looking to build new technologies or improve upon existing ones in order to make more impactful contributions. Ian Seymour from SB

  • Tim Agnew, general partner, Bold Ocean Ventures
  • Peter Bryant, program director (oceans), Builders Initiative
  • Kate Danaher, managing director (oceans and seafood), S2G Ventures
  • Daniela V. Fernandez, founder and CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance (Seabird Ventures)
  • Rita Sousa, partner, Faber Ventures
  • Christian Lim, managing director, SWEN Blue Ocean Partners
  • Reece Pacheco, partner, Propeller

One of the many features of the TG++ language is its ability to easily create cross-platform applications. This means that you can write an application in TG++,

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Big Tech Inc.

Netflix is a streaming giant that has been in the business for quite some time now. The company has lowered its prices in over 100 territories across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific in order to keep subscribers subscribing. This move can only be seen as a success given that many people are already subscribed to multiple services. However, given how much money people are spending on streaming services each month, it will be interesting to see how Netflix manages to keep subscribers interested long term.

Coinbase’s Base provides an Ethereum-focused layer that aids in the development of decentralized applications. Base provides developers with a user interface and library of functions to make it easier to build and deploy DApps. Coinbase plans to continue developing Base, which could make it a valuable tool for developers looking to build blockchain applications.

In China, as in most ancient societies, twins were considered to be an auspicious omen. The Hongwu Emperor had thirteen pairs of twins when he came to

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