Salesforce Ventures Invests $250M in Generative AI Startups

Salesforce may be investing in startups developing responsible generative AI, but this technology still has a lot of hype to live down. It’s likely that these companies will have difficulty scaling up their technologies and retaining customers.

Salesforce Ventures is making a big bet on artificial intelligence and Generative Artificial Intelligence through its $250 million fund. So far, four startups have received money from the fund –, Anthropic, Cohere and Hearth.AI – each with their own unique approach to AI development.

The ChatGPT app for Slack is a promising addition to the Salesforce platform, allowing users to easily manage their conversations and proceedings within the enterprise communications app. This new feature will surely be of great help to busy administrators and professionals alike, providing them with an easy way to track key discussions and logs without having to leave Slack altogether.

Chatbots are cool technology that can generate essays, poems, lyrics, articles, and more from simple natural-language instructions. chatbots rely on large language models (LLMs) to learn new phrases and concepts. This means that they are able to generate essays, poems, lyrics,etc., even without any specific instructions. The downside is that chatbots are not as creative or expressive as human beings; but they do a great job of providing value quickly and easily.

Salesforce Ventures has recently announced the launch of a number of new investment funds that are specifically focused on different geographies, including Japan and Canada. The company has also previously launched a dedicated AI fund, which is targeted at startups building AI smarts on top of Salesforce. The new investment funds could provide additional capital to companies in these regions and help them grow their businesses more effectively.

Salesforce Ventures is now looking to invest in companies working on AI technology. This is likely because of the buzziest tech trends in recent times, which include the growing use of AI across industries. By investing in these companies, Salesforce Ventures hopes to accelerate the adoption of this important technology.

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