Tiktok Creators Blocked From Linking to App Store Pages in Bios

In light of TikTok’s recent blocking of app store links in bios, CPI deals between creators and brands are bound to be impacted. Though the company has yet to provide an official explanation for this sudden decision, it is likely that TikTok is aiming to reduce its dependency on outside app stores in order to improve its own monetization capabilities.

The change could be the result of Apple’s new guidelines for app links. Previously, app links were allowed to redirect users to the App Store. However, starting with iOS 10, app links must Now direct users directly to the content they are interested in. This change may be happening as a result of Apple’s recent crackdown on apps that use third-party ad networks without properly disclosing those relationships.

One exception to the issue appeared to be accounts that had an advertising relationship with TikTok. These accounts seemed to be less likely to have their videos removed for containing inappropriate content.

Although TikTok did not release an official statement, the company confirmed that personal creator accounts will no longer have the ability to link to app store pages. However, they will be able to link out to websites, just as before. This change may discourage aspiring creators from using TikTok as their main platform because it is now difficult to gain exposure and build an audience.

The change means that businesses will only be able to link their TikTok accounts to app store pages if they are part of the business’ marketing team and pay a fee. This is in line with Snapchat’s recent changes, where businesses were forced to partner with its Lenses service in order to add official lenses onto their Stories.

TikTok is continuing its push into the business world with a new button for its account holders to use. The button, which is not an advertisement product, allows businesses to download videos and photos directly to their devices. The company said that this new feature will make it easier for employees to share content and connect with customers.

It seems as though TikTok is positioning themselves as a more direct advertising platform. This change to their feature set means that businesses will have to rely on ads in order to link users directly to their app store listing, rather than through campaigns. If this shift proves successful, it could mean more ad dollars flowing straight into TikTok’s coffers.

Since the advent of TikTok, an app designed for quick and simple videos filmed with smartphones, its exploded in popularity on mobile devices. However, as the app has gained more influence on App Store Top Charts in recent years due to artificial inflating of app’s real-world popularity, this may lead to a decline in automated installs. As creators can no longer artificially inflate the rankings of their apps through marketing campaigns using TikTok install rates, it is likely that users will be less inclined to rush to download an app just because it’s featured on the charts.

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