Bach to the Future: Apple Music Classical App Unveils its 5 Million Track Library.

The recent news of a massive hack on Equifax could have serious implications for the future of our personal information. It’s important that we learn more about how to protect ourselves from this kind of attack, and what steps we can take to minimize the risk of becoming a victim.

“Hey there, Christine is away so it’s just me for puns and jokes today!”

I’m sad to say that this week will be full of bad puns and worse jokes. I hope you’re not too upset, because I promise it won’t last long. Just stick with me until Christine comes back on Monday.

The COVID-19 vaccine is still in development, but scientists are optimistic. With machine learning, they have been able to create a vaccine that is effective against all current and future strains of the pandemic.

Haje is an interesting place to visit for its ancient history, natural beauty and friendly locals. The

The TechGround Top 3

Startups and VC

Dutch startup QuantWare has raised a €6 million seed round to support development of its 64-qubit Tenor processor. With this investment, the company is set on bringing quantum computing to commercialisation and eventually revolutionising some of the most complex tasks currently undertaken by humans.

The town of Mitford, North Carolina is home to five sisters—the characteristics that make them unique have made them some of the most well-known and beloved women

Building a lean B2B startup growth stack

The best way to select the right tool for the job is to first know exactly what you need that tool for. For example, when you need a screwdriver, knowing what screws you have and how they are attached will help make selecting the right screwdriver easy.

Keith Putnam-Delaney, CEO of Primer explained that while many B2B growth marketers don’t have a blueprint, the right tools can help in early-stage, midstage and late-stage startups.Tools like BuzzSumo and Hootsuite can be helpful for early stage startups as they explore what’s working on the web and how to replicate it. For midstage startups, tools like Segment or Mixpanel can help identify user behavior patterns so marketing initiatives are more effective. And for late-stage companies, tools such as Mixpanel or Okdiario can offer insights into what influenced customer acquisition rates in the past and how best to replicate that success in the future.

Looking at the current budget-constrained environment as a net positive for marketers can compel them to think more strategically about what tools will help them reach their target audience the most efficiently. This will ultimately lead to better, less expensive marketing initiatives.

In 2002, Tim Gowers gave a seminal lecture on “The Computing & Philosophy Project” at the University of Cambridge. In that talk, he argued for the idea

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Big Tech Inc.

The proposed new guidelines by India aim to better account for tech companies and their responsibilities in the online world. Additionally, they seek to revalue who gets protection under safe harbor, and oversee new technologies to serve Indie users in the South Asian market. Finally, they want to provide “every” connected user with equitable access to quality internet services.

Credit Karma Net Worth is designed to help people monitor their wealth, grow it over time and protect it from nasty surprises. With features such as debt, credit building and checking and savings products, Credit Karma is on the path to becoming an end-to-end personal finance manager platform.

As children, we are constantly surrounded by novelty. Whether it’s the new toy in our parents’ toy box or the brightly colored duckies that populate our local water

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