Grafana Merges Pyroscope and Phlare to Enhance Continuous Profiling

This acquisition by Grafana Labs builds on the company’s existing commitment to open source software development, and will help the platform become even more comprehensive and accessible. Together, Grafana Pyroscope and Phlare will provide continuous monitoring of application performance data across devices and datacenter scales, making it easier for developers to find insights into how their applications are performing.

Pyroscope has assembled a powerful trio of open-source tools – Pyroscope, Phlare, and Grafana – to make it easy for anyone to get Continuous Profiling up and running on their machines. With this unprecedented trinity of profiling tools, users will be able to quickly gauge the performance of their applications and make informed changes to optimize performance.

Predicting demand for a product can be complex, but Grafana makes the process simple. By visualizing key data points, managers can make informed

Many companies now take the concept of continuous profiling very seriously as a means of understanding their infrastructure and how it is being used. With the help of tools like Grafana, they are able to create regular snapshots of their entire compute infrastructure, storing this information in a database like Phlare. This can then be used to see how various parts of the system are performing over time, helping executives to make informed decisions about resource allocation and development priorities.

Pyroscope can provide executives with an overview of the company’s infrastructure, both internally and from the Linux kernel. This data is then analyzed and stored in BadgerDB, which allows for quick access by executives.

Pyroscope is a fascinating app that encourages users to explore their world in a new and exciting way. By using Pyroscope, users can create

Given the current state of the market, it may be more sensible for major observability platforms to build their own product like this, rather than relying on third-party providers. Consolidating infrastructure spending may become increasingly important as companies strive to improve their consolidated visibility into complex systems.

Grafana is positioning itself as a tool for developers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their applications and their performance. This funding will help the company to integrate Pyroscope, which will provide developers with powerful profiling capabilities. With more difficult funding environments expected in the future, Grafana may be able to pick up some of these smaller companies as their technology becomes more feature-rich and well-presented.

Pyroscope’s expertise in open source software development will be a valuable addition to Grafana Labs. Their experience and understanding of how to create a developer-friendly interface will be invaluable as the two companies work together to improve the user experience for HPC users.

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