Aembit Secures $16.6M to Bring Identity Governance to Cloud Workloads

Aembit is a company that helps secure DevOps and security teams by managing how federated workloads talk to each other. With this new service, Aembit is launching today and announcing a seed funding round from Ballistic Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures. The aim of the company is to make it easier for companies to manage their security risks by securely connecting disparate servers and applications.

Aembit’s workload identity and access management service enables administrators to control who can access cloud resources, without requiring developers to make changes to their code. This service is ideal for managing APIs, databases, and other cloud-based resources.

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The co-founders, David Goldschlag and Kevin Sapp, have a wealth of experience in the tech industry. Their latest startup is Pika , a platform that allows businesses to securely share files between employees. By helping businesses cut down on communication costs and improve trust levels within their workforce, Pika could be a valuable tool for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

As the founders of Netskope left in the summer of 2021, they decided to finally tackle this challenge: enabling secure application-level access between data sources and applications. They believed that this was an important issue, as more and more APIs were being included in applications. By creating a solution to this problem, Netskope hoped to enable smoother integration between open source products and modern software development practices.

David and Kevin founded Aembit in 2014 with the goal of making it easier for businesses to manage complex IT systems. The company’s software specializes in automating the deployment, management, and monitoring of IT systems. The Aembit co-founders have experience working at some of the world’s largest tech companies, including

Aembit aims to help clients protect their APIs by vetting any developers who attempt to access them. This innovative solution helps build trust between companies and their external partners, while also protecting the data of those partners.

Aembit’s solution to this problem is called the Aembit System of Record. This system tracks all of the identities and workloads that exist in a company, making it much easier to manage and track. It also allows companies to create permanent records of these items, ensuring that they can always be recovered should something go wrong.

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“When administrators deploy the system in its non-enforcement mode, they will be able to discover accesses and patterns that may have not been noticed before. This type of data can help administrators better understand who is accessing their systems, what they are doing on those systems, and where their resources are being used.”

By analyzing the workloads in your organization, you can see how they interact and take action when something changes. This information can help you plan for growth or degradation, and quickly respond to shifts in customer demand or system performance.

Aembit is defining Workload IAM to protect enterprises’ most critical digital assets. It started as a project in Jake Seid’s spare time, but Ballistic Ventures has been helping it grow into the essential tool for securing identity-based workloads. With the help of Aembit, businesses can identify, secure and manage their connections between people and software with ease.

Aembit is well-funded and plans to grow its marketing team and product to better serve small businesses. This will help the company meet demand from enterprises as well, which has been strong so far.

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