AtoB Dives Into Details of Its Stripe for Trucking on TechCrunch Live

AtoB is a company that thinks it has the solution to the outdated transportation platforms prevalent in the industry. Stripe is a popular payment gateway that allows businesses to easily make and process payments. AtoB essentially wants to be Stipe for transportation, providing an easily accessible and cost-effective way for truckers to make transactions and receive payment.

According to Tarczynski, AtoB is a company that “transforms how people interact with technology.” He believes that they are on the forefront of this shift and see a large market potential. The company offers a variety of products and services, including chatbots, artificial intelligence assistants, and machine learning algorithms. Bellan asked Tarczynski about the challenges he has faced so far as a company founder and what he has learned from them. He shared that some things have gone easier than others for him and that he has been able to rely largely on his team’s skillset to get them where they are today.

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At a young age, Aroha Arora was fascinated by technology and the ways it could be used to make life easier. After founding Harshita Apps, an app that tracked cryptocurrency prices, Arora was recognized as one of Forbes’ 2023 30 Under 30 listees. Her work in the industry has caught the attention of major companies and she is now working on her next venture.

AtoB found a new home as the communications director for a non-profit, following an intense year of studying gender and women’s issues. Her focus is on engaging young people about feminism, and breaking down gender stereotypes in order to create a more inclusive society. She loves telling her story, and believes that everyone has something to

In the upcoming TechGround Live interview with Eric Meyer and Harshita Dutta, the founders of cloud-based startup Shyp, they will be discussing their company’s mission and how it is different from other online shipping services. They will also be answering audience questions in pitch practice. Register now to attend this valuable event!

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