Tech Titans: AI Provenance is the New Standard of Success

Nowadays, many tech companies are looking at a new valuation method: AI proficiency. Market analysts and investors believe that the technology sector is going to undergo rapid growth in the next few years thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). This growth is projected to benefit established players such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, as well as startups with strong AI capabilities. Some analysts are even suggesting that certain large tech companies could eventually

With so much money and attention being focused on artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise that new startups are cropping up to capitalize on the growing market. Some of these companies are using the latest in artificial intelligence technology to build smarter products and services, while others are innovating around the tool set to make AI more accessible.

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Today’s top technology stories: Facebook to launch Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ – The social media giant is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, ‘Libra,’ which could dramatically change how we spend and save. Amazon unveils plans for a free shipping service within US – The online retailer is teaming up with UPS and FedEx is a startup that has focused on leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. This has included utilizing tools like GPT-3 to increase efficiencies in customer interactions and providing customers with a more personalized experience. Their early success has earned them a $10 million annual recurring revenue platform, making one of the earlier startups to achieve this level of success with technology solutions.

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